Any Spanish speaking dopers out there? I need translation help, quick

I have an appointment at 8 this evening with a client who asked me to call before I came over because his work schedule is unpredictable so I should make sure he’s going to be there. Now, he speaks English, which is no problem, but the rest of his family speaks only Spanish ( Latin American version ). What I would like to do, if I can find someone who will help me out, is have you email me your phone number. At about 7:15, I’ll call you and then 3-way call the clients house. If he’s there, great, no problem, I won’t need you for anything, but if he’s not, I’d like you to ask the person who answers the phone if they expect him home by 8:00. My pidgin Spanish from high school twenty years ago just isn’t cutting it. My email is weirddave0 ( that’s the numeral zero ) at hotmail dot com. Can anyone help?

If you’ll have access to a computer this could help. can also be of help.

If you’re willing to try it yourself you could say:

¿A qué hora llegará a casa señor …? - What time will Mr. … return home?

And they would answer: a las siete; a las ocho; a las nueve - at seven 'o clock, eight, nine… etc.