Any Tips for Sneaking Around and Being all Ninja-Covert-Like?

I’m mainly trying to see if anyone knows how to open a door without letting it creak. I’m fairly good with my step-toe before heal, and my landing after I jump-same thing. Anything else?

I find that if you lift a door upwards as you open it (or downwards, but there is a risk of scraping) it won’t creak.

But being all Ninja-Covert-Like? that takes many years of training and rejection.


Don’t sneak. Barge right in like you own the place.

Now, now, Trinopus, this is the Ninja thread. Your answer is appropriate to the Pirate thread.

P.S. to everyone: Do not open a pirate thread.

Come see my pirate thread!

see? it was a joke! a joke, I tell you…

You’ll need a heavy dose of Real Ultimate Power.

Just turn on your heat-vision goggles and shoot through the door.

Learn to fake an obvious handicap, such as paralysis on one side. I know this sounds cold to suggest this, but in fact, nearly everyone will avert his eyes and refuse to make eye contact. You’ll thus become nearly invisible. If anybody remembers seeing you, they won’t remember your face.

To those preparing to call me names, I say that this is not a comment on handicapped folks. It stands as a comment on the silly, embarassed way the rest of us behave around them.

but you will won’t care, you’ll just kill people. someone will bring you cold soup and you will kill them and you won’t care.

When walking along upstairs hallways, stay as close to walls as possible, thus reducing strain on flooring and reducing floor creakage.

Become Jackie Chan.
It’s a simple as that. Really.

You probably already know this but controlled breathing is essential.

Being “centered” is also important but I don’t know what that is.

Having a “laser like” focusing ability is also important I think.

Hope this helps.

Cat like aim.

I mean reflexes.

Did I say cat?

I meant lemur.

You could always hire the ninja stuff out to someone. Like a ninja, maybe…

The solar plexus is the centre of your body. The lower your solar plexus is, the lower your centre of gravity is. So stay low - this helps you to walk silently.

Also make your legs bendy, like rubber, not rigid. So if you step on a creaking floorboard you bend with the board not against it. Don’t fight it - go with it.

Also, consider the vole.

And the night.

The same with stairways.

Now we are getting somewhere!

And the purpose for all this covertness would be???

to end all darned cold soup :mad:

Ninja Training