Any travel site that will give you the cheapest airfares in a given set of days?

On some airline websites you can see what days before and after your intended day of travelling you can get the cheapest flights. Any of the cheap fares sites I’ve looked at won’t let you do this, especially if you have connecting flights. Are there any that will?

Have you ever worked with That’s pretty much its goal - see predicted flight costs for a set of days.

I use Skyscanner and Bravofly all the time.

They both work well for Europe, and checking Skyscanner just now, I was also able to get a whole list of Dublin to JFK flights for the whole month of October ranked by price.

There’s a small check box labelled “Whole month” you need to click.

Hope this helps. works pretty well, too.

These links are excellent. Thanks very much for your replies folks.

Cheaptickets and Orbitz both let you do flexible dates searchs. You can either choose 1-3 days +/- your departure and return dates, or you can search a range of trip lenghts (e.g. 2-4, 5-7, 7-10 days, etc) with in a 30 day span.

I think that’s only to a particular destination. The OP wants to travel on specific dates, and would like to find low priced airfare to anywhere on those dates…

I think Travel Supermarketdoes this - I used to use it when I lived in the UK wanted to find the cheapest times to fly to Europe.