Is there a service to find airline ticket prices like the one I'm about to describe?

Let’s say you want to go on a trip, and know the dates you want to go and return. Is there anyway to see the prices for all or most of the destination that a particular airline flies to on those dates? It might be too complicated if there were a bunch of connections, so even direct flights from a hub would be useful, since getting from your city to the hub would be fairly fixed.

For example, if I live in Atlanta, and want to take a 2 week trip on the 8th of December, I might like to know all Delta’s prices. Any way to do that? Can travel agents do it with their fancy system?

does fit your requirements?

You can’t specify the airline in the inital search, but just do a regular search and then narrow down by airline.


If I’m understanding this, you’re feeling footloose and just want to go somewhere on a particular date, and whatever’s cheap is where you’ll go?

Right, let’s say someone wants to go to Belize, or someplace similar for an extended weekend, but there happens to be a big doctors convention in Belize, so prices are pretty high. The person would be just as happy in Costa Rica or Cancun, or a number of other places, and would like to know all the prices. Perhaps there are cheap flights to a place the traveler hasn’t even thought of.

Or, you’re starting a European trip and don’t really care where you start.

I think it would be a nice service; my first thought was that airlines don’t want their competition to know the whole book, but the competitors could easliy have an intern or some fancy script get all the prices anyway, where a customer really couldn’t.

But you have to choose a destination on kayak, right? I want to see the whole ‘catalog’.

You can get emails sent for “Kayak top 25” It’s the top 25 destinations.

You can also get emails for multiple locales. Right now I have about 15 different destinations that I am interested in. My dates and locations are flexible.

Sign up, then go to email alerts, sign up for the email alert for the cities you want

I have it sent to me every day.

Also-when looking up cities, it should pop up a calendar on the right, giving lowest fares for the month you specified. It also will change month on the drop down menu.

Not exactly what you were looking for, but the closest I’ve found.

I am a travel agent, and I can’t see all prices to everywhere (bargains included) in the way you are suggesting. You really have to have a destination and check them one at a time.

Maybe there’s soem system out there that can do this but in 15 years I’ve never seen one.

You don’t specify if you want to go domestic or international, but this site should help with either: FareCompare. Depending on where you want to go, click on that map and you’ll be able to filter for airline and dates a week at a time.

Note that these prices are not always exact because some airlines do not provide the taxes and fuel charges, or there just may not be flights available at the very lowest prices, but it’s still a good starting point. You can’t book directly though this site, so once I see something I’m interested in, I usually go to Orbitz or Cheaptickets where you can do flexible dates searches to try and find the cheapest fare. Then try and book directly with the airline to avoid booking fees.

travelocity allows you to do this in their last minute packages deal. you select the city you’ll leave from. and then pick a region in the world

There’s also Kayak Buzz, which shows you 25 cities, except it doesn’t let you limit to a particular airline.

There’s also Last Minute Travel which might do what you want.

But looking at it…no, it doesn’t that I can find. Sorry!