I want to take a cheap flight, I don't care where or when

Money is an issue and I need to leave from MSP, destination and anything else is not. Are there any good airline price finders for open searches for times and destinations restricting only departure airport and price?

Kayak Explore - http://www.kayak.com/explore/
put in your departure airport, set your budget and see what comes up.

Also, there’s a thing called GetGoing.com that allows you to put in two destinations, they send you a list of prices and itineraries, and after you complete the purchase, they tell you which of the two destinations you’ll be going to. Apparently, it’s a huge discount - if you’re willing to risk it.

These should get you started

I love http://www.skyscanner.de/

Just put in “everywhere” for your destination location.

Thanks guys, I’ll look into it.

Another vote for http://www.skyscanner.com/. I was able to buy a ticket to London that was $1,000 less than I could find on any competing site like travelocity or expedia.

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  • I want a cheap flight
    One that just gets me there
    One that won’t have me barf my lunch
    Or make me crash in mid-air*

Spirit Air has some very inexpensive flights, too.

There’s discount airlines, and there’s “if you fly with us, you will die” airlines. Spirit is the only two-star rated commercial airline flying in North America. That puts them in the same company as Iran Air and Sudan Airways.

Airline fun fact: The only Skytrax-rated one-star airline is the flag carrier of North Korea.

They seemed to have earned that 2 star rating due to the poor quality of their customer service. There’s no mention of safety issues on Skytrax or Wikipedia.

One that won’t make me nervous
Plummeting through the sky
One that won’t lose a wing and
Cause us all to die

Rarely an issue - few airlines serve lunch anymore.

If you sign up for Southwest and AA emails they will email you some limited time, very low dollar specials a few times week.

Just want to go somewhere, huh?

Years ago, you could book a flight from San Francisco to Oakland mostly as a stunt for racking up frequent flyer miles. I don’t know if the airplane actually took to the sky, or if they just taxied across the bay on the San Mateo Bridge.

Hafta ask- you don’t plan on chanting "Allah Akbar " on this anytime, anywhere flight, do you?

Anywhere Southwest flies nonstop is usually a good bet for cheap flights, from MSP that’s Phoenix, Denver, Atlanta, Kansas City, St. Louis, Milwaukee, Chicago, and Orlando.

Google- Travelzoo last minute deals.

You have to sign up (free) but they give you cheap last minute deals to various destinations.

Hey Sitnam - are you going to let us know what you decide on??? :slight_smile:

Las Vegas subsidizes flights in some way to encourage tourists. You could find a cheap flight into there from almost anywhere.