Any US ice cream place that ships to New Zealand?

Well, like the topic says. I’ve got some friends down there and they say that the one thing they miss is good ol’ US ice cream - they say the stuff down there just doesn’t cut it. Please, don’t flame the messenger with indignant cries of Hokey Pokey flavor – I’ve never been there and tried the stuff. I just know that they want it, so I want to ship it to them.

However as hard as I search I can’t find anywhere that will sell me some ice cream and ship it to New Zealand.

Thanks for any help!

I’d guess you’d need a large quantity for them to ship. If they send you 1 tub it just won’t be worth their time… freezing units and all.

Blue Bell and Ben and Jerry’s ship, but apparently only within the U.S… I’ll call Blue Bell on Monday, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the creameries are a little worried about the stuff melting as it travels halfway around the world.

Just thought I say that as a New Zealander, I agree with the OP (we used to have really nice ice cream down here, but not in the last twenty years or so). So – utterly no offence taken. :slight_smile:

Hokey Pokey ain’t exactly what it’s touted to be, so accept no flames, believe me.

Hope your friends can get something sorted out, fighting ignorant. Would any suppliers in Australia be a help?

There are definitely Baskin Robbins here in Sydney, if that is any easier.

I would think shipping certain kinds of food between countries comes under a whole bunch of health regulations, though.

…bah, Hokey Pokey Ice Cream is absolutely devine!!! And our Ice Cream is simply creamier!!!

Seriously, I’m in the hospitality industry, so I’ll try to find out for you when I get back to work next week. To be honest, as stated above, the health reg’s you would have to go through to import ice-cream would be pretty tight and I wouldn’t be too hopeful. Your best bet would be if there is a local supplier that already imports US icecream, but the costs involved would make that pretty unlikely…hope to get back to you soon…

Heck. See if you can’t get a petition going to get “Ben and Jerry’s” to open a few shops there. Or maybe in Australia.

And trust me. If your going to go through all the trouble of shipping ice cream internationally. Go with the best and get Ben and Jerry’s. I’ve never had better ice cream.

I don’t think it’s an ordinary rfequest, so ask for the extraordinary!

Seriously, contact Ben and Jerry’s up in Vermony, purveyors of some quite nice ice cream. They will probably be willing to make a deal. A couple pints of something interesting a week to be mailed to you, ordinary charge plus shipping plus dry ice plus styrofoam

Yea. Nice guys Ben and Jerry. They have free ice cream days every so often. I believe the day coincides with Green Day or something like that?

Anyway they probably won’t just send you ice cream in the mail if its just you still. Most countries have a lot of red tape for shipping food products into the country.

One thing about Ben and Jerry’s - it’s MUCH richer and more dense than standard American Ice Cream. I, for one, don’t particularly like it - it’s too rich for me to have more than one or two bites. I much prefer a lighter ice cream, as long as it’s high quality and yummy.

Anyway, before fighting ignorant pays to ship a whole truckload of B&J over to NZ, he might want to ask his friends just what type of ice cream they’re longing for.

IMHO, you should try Häagen-Dazs. Here’s an US store locator.

Have they tried the Ben & Jerry’s recipe book? Ice cream machines can be really cheap and it is not particularly difficult to get excellant results.

What about these people?

New Zealand Ice Cream - Awards

Maybe it would make more sense to buy a churn and make your own.

I’ve had Häagen-Dazs before and I still prefer Ben and Jerry’s.

I agree with those who suggest simply getting a home ice cream making machine is the way to go. I’ve never used one myself but they sound a lot easier than trying to ship frozen foodstuffs across the planet.

Check out:

It has links to websites for expats. We used to use a service that’s name escapes me, something like “almost home,” or “home away from home.” It was on the net.

The best way to use those services is to get a bunch of expats together to defer costs. Also, a lot of US embassies have stores for their staff with American made products. Tell them to befriend an embassy rat.

Hope this helps.

Hey all - thanks for the helpful hints! I’ll definitely check some of those sources, although as someone mentioned above, the usual suspects (B&J, Baskin-Robbins, etc) do not seem to be too keen to ship internationally.
cornflakes: Thanks for the offer, I look forward to seeing if you make any progress.

GuanoLad: I’ll try to find a way to contact the store in Sydney & see if the can ship to NZ for me - thanks for the heads-up

Banquet Bear: Sounds like you may be on to something – please do let me know if you track down a source!

cdhostage & marduk: I’ll call B&J headquarters, maybe the “personal approach” will help, because according to their website, no way!

Athena: they like the usual American flavors – you know, chocolate, mint chip, coffee, etc.

madmonk28: i’ll go check out – looks like a great lead.

As to those who suggested to make my own - that’s fine, but I live in New York. So I still would need to send it to them which seems kinda hard to do. Thanks though!!

I meant they should try making it themselves, in New Zealand.

You used to be able to get Haagen Dazs in NZ.

I’m bewildered as to why people are slagging off NZ ice cream. It’s good quality stuff as long as you buy the good quality stuff. Just because someone’s homesick for the home stuff, it doesn’t mean that there is anything wrong with the stuff where they currently reside.

I miss a lot of Kiwi products although they’re becoming easier to get. Ice cream is not one of them though :wink: