Any Xenosaga franchise (game) fans here?

I was an avid video game player up until the age of, oh, about 18. I stopped when I started uni; my brother had sold the Playstation 1 (it was his, but he also sold my games along with his :rolleyes: ) and I knew that it was for the best. You see, if I continued gaming while trying to complete my dual degree, I’d become even more of a slacker than I naturally am and my grades would go down the toilet.

So it was a smart decision, especially since the SDMB was enough of a time-waster. Now that I’ve graduated, though, I’m creeping back into gaming. I never had played many RPGs and my boyfriend had bought Xenosaga II back in March. I was fascinated when I watched him play so I started my own profile as well. Yes, I know how smart it is to play a sequel before the original; what can I say?

Anyway, I really love this series. I like the story and the symbolic elements that are woven throughout and I love the stocking/boosting/combo fighting system so you actually need to use strategy instead of just button mashing. Here’s my opinions so far (keeping in mind that specific pros/cons might not be unique to this series; I’m an RPG newbie):


  • The stocking/boosting/combo fighting system, as mentioned above

  • I like the Good Samaritan Campaign for sidequests. Sometimes the stories for them are a bit… stupid, but for the most part, I like them.

  • I like a lot of the characters backstories and continuing plot lines. MOMO was apparently a useless character in the first game, but I love using her in my party in the sequel. And I love Jin Uzuki.

  • If you’ve already seen a cut scene, you can fast forward through it. At least they gave you that option!

  • The cut scenes are far too long for the amount of gameplay. It’s more like an interactive movie. This is a neat idea, but I really think the cutscenes should have been reduced by about a third; the pacing of gameplay seriously suffers.

  • Junior. I don’t know why, but he bugs the shit out of me. I just want to punch him when he’s on screen.

  • Sidequests that rely on games of chance/luck, such as the fishing quest or having to have a selector fall on every color of the rainbow (but since it’s random, you could hit red five times in a row) and you only get five chances before having to run all over hell and damnation to recharge the battery and try more. These aren’t little brain teasers or logic puzzles or anything and they frustrate the crap outta me.

  • Everyone can learn identical skills/spells/etc. It kind of waters down the individual characters, I think (although having everyone able to heal is extremely handy).

Luckily, IMO, the storyline keeps me through the cut scenes. They pack a lot of detail into the game and I find it highly entertaining. Are there any other fans, or even anti-fans, here?

Yeah, I liked 2 better than 1, somehow, if only for the battle system. It just FELT better, by my memory. Battles seemed to go smoother for me, too.

The fisihing quest wasn’t that bad, once you got the hang of it. The selector quest, yeah, that was annoying, but that’s why they put a save point within easy walking distance!