now that it's all over, is the Xenosaga series worth playing?

I loved “Xenogears” on the PS1 - it probably remains my favorite game experience and story of all time. That thing was epic in a way that no other game I’ve ever played has ever managed to top - you’re already in the middle of something that feels positively huge when they suddenly bomb you with the idea that you’re basically playing what amounts to “chapter 4” of a multi-thousand year saga. Awwwwwwesome.

I bought “Xenosaga” when it first came out for the PS2 and completely stopped playing after about 10 hours or so. My main issues with the game were that the battle system felt tedious and frustrating - it seemed like the average random encounter took about 10 minutes to get through, and it seemed like those random encounters were ridiculously frequent - and the now-infamous cutscenes and story scenes were simply too long and weren’t evenly balanced with the gameplay. I never knew when I was going to turn a corner and suddenly get stuck sitting through (literally) 20 or 30 minutes worth of expository cutscenes. I had finally had enough, the story was completely incoherent and the gameplay hadn’t grabbed me, and I finally just stopped playing.

All of that aside, I can’t stress how much I loved Xenogears, and while I understand that “Xenosaga” is its own thing, it was very much intended to be a spiritual sequel or continuation of -gears.

By the end of all three installments, was it worth it? Does it get better? Now that the games are cheap, should I play them?

I haven’t played them, but most people I know are into the games on their own merits, long cutscenes and crappy voice acting and all. Xenosaga isn’t even made by the same company as Xenogears, and the development team changed a lot even between the three games.

So, I mean, if you are looking for Xenogears I’d be wary, but I know a lot of people like the series anyway.