Anybody been to an NFL game in the last year or two?

OK, I’m sure there are at least a few of y’all that go to NFL games pretty regularly. I love watching it on TV, but I haven’t been to a game since Joe Montana’s last regular season game on Christmas Eve in 1994.

That’s about to change. I had planned a trip over to Houston to catch my Cubs in a weekend series with the Astros the weekend of 9/9 - 9/11, and I got an email last weekend that the Sunday game had been changed from an afternoon game to a 7:00 PM start because it was getting picked up by ESPN. So I started thinking about what to do with myself that day, and I remembered that the Bears were also in Houston on Sunday to open the season against the Texans.

I took a look at tickets, said a bad word when I saw the prices, and then said “Aw, screw it, how many times is something going to line up like this?”. So now I’m going to have an epic Chicago sportsgasm that weekend, with three Cub games and a Bear game.

So those of you who go to NFL games these days - please clue me in. How much time should I allow for security lines? Anybody familiar with NRG Stadium that can give me any pointers on any good food options in there? Anything that I need to prepare for (besides astronomical concession prices)?

I’ve not been to an NFL game in at least 5 years, but it’s not the airport. You will likely walk through a metal detector, and if you have a bag it may get looked through, but otherwise you are more or less just walking in. Even if there’s a crowd at the gate, you can expect be through pretty quickly.

And if you’re going for epic sportsgasm, you should be arriving hours early for tailgating anyways! :slight_smile:

You need to review the NFL Bag Policy

They only allow certain kinds of bags/wallets in there so if you are going with someone who might want to bring in something like that, it needs to be compliant or they won’t let you in.

That’s all I really got. Have fun!

Security is pretty simple and quick, nothing crazy about it at all. The crappy part of the game will be having to watch the Bears play.

Yeah, I’m not optimistic about this season for them, I’m guessing they have an upside of about 8 or 9 wins, could be as low as 5. But I’m a 53 year old lifelong Bears fan, and I’ve never actually been to a Bears game anywhere, so what the hell. I’m about 30 rows up on one of the 20 yard lines, so I should get a good view of Cutler throwing a critical late interception after looking good for most of the game.:smack:

I went to Jets @ Dolphins in 2014. It was easier to get into Pro Player or whatever it was called that year than into a Disney park. My father in law and I both had beer cans in our cargo pockets and nobody cared.

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I go to at least one game a year, only once not in Pittsburgh (Baltimore), and the one thing you want to be sure about is that you bring your ticket, wallet, keys, mod/smokes, and nothing else. There’s no reason to bring anything else, and you may end up losing it if you do.

If you wait until the game is about to start you’ll be waiting a while. I don’t tailgate so I get there an hour or so early and walk right in, leaving me lots of time to get whatever I want to eat or check out the stadium store. I go to watch the game, though. If you’re going for the party you won’t care if you miss the first quarter waiting to get in.

Security isn’t necessarily that bad, but traffic, parking, and trekking to the stadium in the midst of huge crowds can take a while. It’s like any major event with tens of thousands of people simultaneously trying to park and cram themselves into a relatively small space. Budget about an hour, if not more, getting from your parking spot to your seats. More if you get there at the last minute, tailgate, or want to check out any of the concessions or other things.

Fortunately, the sight lines are good from just about every seat and they’ve got those huge screens everybody seems to install these days. Also, fortunately, the roof will likely be closed as it will either be raining or unpleasantly muggy and hot.

Been to Pats games last 3 seasons at Gillette. Spent the most time in traffic waiting to get to the lot, and again when leaving. The lines getting across the street from the big lots slow down some, last year got VIP parking so no waiting, no long walk. No delay at security until last year, that took about 10 minutes to get through, there was a lot of extra security for some reason.

I’m actually proud to say that I have never been to an NFL game in my life. And I have no plans to change that.

Cool story, bro.

OK, reporting back in. Security at the stadium was pretty easy to get through. The worst of it was actually getting back on the Metro train to get back downtown after the game, but no big.

And the Bears still need help. They forged a nice little lead at halftime by taking advantage of some Texans mistakes, but once the Texans stopped screwing up in the second half things didn’t go so well. Still a great time, and now it’s time to gear up for the last Cubs/Astros game.