Anybody else excited about "Kill Bill"?

I’m really looking forward to Tarentino’s (sp?) new flick Kill Bill. I haven’t seen any threads, and I can search for neither “kill” nor “bill”. I’m a little suprised that I haven’t heard more talk about it.

Am I the only one who’s excited about it?

Correction, new flicks. He’s releasing it in two volumes. Yeah, I’m pretty pumped about it. I haven’t heard a lot about it, but I really don’t want to. I wanna be completely suprised.

The trailer I saw took pains to make the movie look exactly as much like Matrix Reloaded as humanly possible.

Whether this fairly reflects the movie or not, I think we now know what audience they’re going after.

I hope it’s not like the trailer. I’m a fan of all things Tarentino and I think Uma Thurman is a damn sexy woman but I don’t want a Jackie Chan movie.

The two volume format is potentially cool. It could be a whole different structure than we’re used to. On the other hand, it could be an excuse for an editless wank fest. I’ll reserve judgement until I see the move. But yes, I am excited to see it.

Have not seen enough to get a feel for the movie. The first thing that struck me is the outfit Thurman is wearing. It’s obviously styled after what Bruce Lee wore in the fight scenes pillaged to produce the awful Game of Death. Interesting move, considering Lee hated the unreal martial arts sequences of the Hong Kong movie industry which are now being imitated in American films. I’m also a Tarantino fan, I hope he has taken the time to create a story and some characters and not something like Matrix Reloaded.

Is there any particular reason the film is split in two?

I heard that the original script ran something like 242 pages. The usual rule of thumb is one page of script per minute of screen time. That implied a 4-hour movie. Rather than cut the script Tarantino got permission from the studio bosses to film the whole thing and release it in two parts.

I didn’t realize it was a two-parter; this is interesting news. I thought it was just a clever affectation along the lines of History of the World, Part 1.

I really can’t tell from the previews, but it appears that Tarentino is either making a parody of recent action films in the movie itself or the trailers are designed to look like that. I vote for the movie, unless none of those scenes are actually in the movie.

At least, I hope it’s meant to be a parody.

I swear, when I first saw the trailer, the action was so overblown and stupid looking that I thought they’d say “We’re kidding, the film is nothing like this!” But they didn’t…

I’m sure I’ll see it, but I can’t say it’s high on my list of films I’m really looking forward to. While I loved Reservoir Dogs, I thought Pulp Fiction was only all right, and I couldn’t get into Jackie Brown at all (yes, I know what the point of the movie was, that doesn’t make me enjoy it any more).

What little I know of Kill Bill suggests that it has the potential to be a really good movie, but I’ve known Tarantino to fuck up a good thing before, so… shrugs

It’s got kung fu, and a lot of classic kung fu stars from across Asia. I must see!

Well, he did take the completely tired and cliche gangster genre and produce two fairly amazing movies in it. (Not to mention writing True Romance.) I was kind of thinking that it would be nice to have an action movie that didn’t completely suck.

I saw in interview with Tarantino recently where he said he makes the movies he always wanted to see as a child but didn’t exist. Reservoir Dogs was his idea of what a heist movie should be, for example. When Kill Bill was compared to Charlie’s Angels he said that it yes, he supposed it could be the Charlie’s Angels episode he always wanted to see. Lucy Liu was shown in a bit saying it was “nothing like” the Charlie’s Angels movie, though. (She’s in both).

So it seems this could be a very different movie than his previous ones.

I’m interested to see what’s been cooking in Tarantino’s brain for the past few years.
I wonder if, since so many people have copied things he brought to filmmaking, if he’s got something novel to bring for this one. Cause if not, it’s gonna look pretty stale. So I’m interested, if not excited.

cletus the movie Tarantino wanted to release was 3 hours long or something and he wouldn’t edit it down. So somehow it was decided that relieasing it as two movies was a better idea.

I’m not sure what I think about it. I’ve liked all of QT films thus far, but he’s taken an awful long time with this one which has raised expectations, mine, at least. It had better be good, damn it.

On preview I see that my lost internet connection prevented me from answering cletus’ questio first. And still I’m posting it. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s been a while since I’ve seen JB, I’m not sure what you’re getting at here. Care to elaborate?

Well, my perspective is a bit different from most of the folks here since I believe Jackie Brown to be Tarantino’s best movie, surpassing even Pulp Fiction (which is a masterpiece of cinema itself).

Tarantino lives and breathes genre films–he has made his vampire movie (From Dusk Til Dawn, directed by Robert Rodriguez from Tarantino’s script); his caper movie (True Romance); his gangster movie (Pulp Fiction); and his 70’s blaxpoitation movie (Jackie Brown). Now he is releasing his tribute to the martial arts films of Bruce Lee and Sonny Chiba.

It. Is. Going. To. Rock.

It will have interesting dialogue, terrific fight scenes, outstanding performances, and it will resurrect David Carradine’s career.

And it has Uma Thurman and Lucy Liu, so you straight boys should be lining up at the box office right now.

Yeah, but what’s she going to say? “Um, this movie is exactly like Charlie’s Angels.” :stuck_out_tongue: