Anybody else going to the ocean this weekend?

Dug out the ice chest and I’m heading out. Really to Trinity Bay, but it smells and tastes and feels like the ocean. Crawdad boilin’ time.

Went this morning-- it’s about 1/2 mile away, lucky for us. The surf was bad. Lots of seaweed washed up. Saw a couple of splendid terns, though. No seals today. Lots of pelicans out. I think there’s a red-tide ban out on mussels or something like that.

Yup. I live there. A bunch of family is coming down for the fourth, so I’ll probably be busy trying to be a good host rather than enjoying the holiday.

But since the closest one’s about 1500 miles away, the odds don’t look good.

So I bought some (frozen) squid to make a cold salad (lotsa garlic, lemon juice, olive oil, capers, a few red pepper flakes, etc.). That plus soaking in cool water in the ol’ lion-paw tub is gonna have to do it.

The tub’s approximately the size of Connecticut but it just ain’t the same. Dangitall, it just doesn’t have the soothing sound of surf, much less the pure enchantment of moonlight on the ocean. Or heady sea smell.

Grumpy and yearning for sand between her toes,

Veb, you touched on part of what I like about going to the ocean - the hypnotic and relaxing effect of the movements of the water. On the bay we also have trees close to shore, and I’ve often sat under them, mesmerized by the hula their leaves perform in the ocean breeze.

I was supposed to go fishing on the Waianae Coast tonight and tomorrow, but I got too lazy today and instead stayed in bed. Bah! I’m so mad at myself. :mad

There’s next week. I hope you had a ggod time. There’s nothing more I love than hanging out on the rock and watching the waves crash by.

I went to Atlantic City this morning. I won $174.

I’m going to Nebraska Monday. How much further than the ocean can you get? I wish I were going to the ocean though.