Anybody else watching Steelers at Titans? Was Cowher seriously CRYING?

Anybody else see this? After Nedney’s game-winner, Cowher ran out and yelled something in the officials’ faces, then ran up the tunnel immediately. It looked like he was actually crying as he sprinted off the field.

I don’t know about him but I’m crying.

A good sport would have stuck around to shake Fisher’s hand.

Oh, wait, it’s Bill Coward. Nevermind.

Looked like it to me.

I got a bit misty after that game.

This is going to sound pathetic, but in the hierarchy of things, the Steelers place fourth, behind my wife, my son, and the Air Force. I know it’s just a game, but to me it’s something more. I think it’s the fact that they do so well and then let me down. Or maybe it’s the fact that I want to see Pittsburgh packed with cheering fans, all of them die-hard fans like me. Or maybe it’s that I was born 12 days after their second win, saw the other wins on my Grandfather’s knee and long to see a championship I can really remember.

This game was crushing. It would have been better if they’d been blown out.

Doors, I’m the same way about the Red Sox.

Dave, that was my thought too. I was shocked that he didn’t.

Diceman, didn’t it?

I should have made this clear in my OP, but I didn’t mean to knock the Steelers in this thread. I just wanted to know if anyone else had seen what I thought I saw.

I think it’s just because you look like Bill Cowher. :wink:

I imagine most of you would be surprised at how much crying goes on in football locker rooms after the last game of every season(especially in the HS and college levels, and especially for seniors)

It’s a very emotional game, it exhausts you physically and mentally, and once you realize that you are NEVER going to play football again, it’s a normal reaction to cry.

Hey, I know the Steelers were pathetic prior to the early '70’s, but sheesh! they hadda win more than two games before you were born.:stuck_out_tongue:

Replace “Pittsburgh” with “Atlanta,” “Steelers” with “Falcons” and I could have written this.

I’m trying not to either start crying or have a heart attack as I watch the Falcons-Eagles game head into the 4th quarter and we’re down 13-6.

Same here, [bjackalope**. Been a Falcon’s fan since 1974-ish, when Norm van Brocklin was coaching the team.

Woo hoo!

Man, that game was chock full of weirdness, though.

Titans kicker Nedney is now admitting he took a dive on the kick he missed…I started a BBQ pit thread about it.

My husband is absolutely distraught over this game. At least if they lose fairly (both teams play a good game) he can feel good about it.

Whiffling a kick on purpose? OOOhh Boy, was he mad.:mad:

They did lose fairly. And regardless, I’ve never seen such a display of poor sportsmanship as when Cowher ran over to yell at the ref instead of shaking Fisher’s hand. The game was over. Say what you will, but coaches congratulate each other.

Nedney made the field goal attempt the first time. The “time out” called by the Steelers at the last second was pretty lame, but they are allowed to do it. IfNedney exaggerated his fall, which I don’t buy, it wasn’t any different than calling a time out on the snap in order to mess with the kicker. If Washington hadn’t fallen into him, it would have been a non-issue anyway.

So whether or not the Steelers want to accept the loss, it came fairly. To say otherwise is just unsportsmanlike.

On the news last night (Fox17 I believe) they showed the press conference with Nedney where he said “He hit me pretty hard, but I think when I’m done with football, I may go into acting.” So yeah, he admits he oversold, but hey, he had something to sell, now, didn’t he?

Every kicker, punters included, will go down to draw a flag. The real actors don’t exist anymore. Back in the old days you’d see 'em all the time faking falls like drama queens.

Nedney got run into. It was a real penalty. You lost.

How soon people forget the 1999 NFC championship game at the Metrodome. You want heartbreak? How about a kicker who never misses anything, no FGs, no PATs, all year long, and then shanking the 30-yarder that would have sent a team to the Super Bowl?

Atlanta Falcons have nothing to cry about. :wink:

Geez, WL, just how old are you? :wink:

If you guys want to discuss Nedney “taking a dive,” JaxBeachBoy’s Pit thread is here. Poysyn, Nedney didn’t ‘take a dive’ in that he missed a kick on purpose, he ‘took a dive’ in the soccer sense of the word, in that he fell over when somebody rolled into him.
I tell ya, RT, all these youngsters complaining about their hearts being broken in '86 don’t know pain… I still forget sometimes that they’re referring to 1986.