Anybody know how to report a scam listing on eBay?

I was unable to find such a link to report this listing

There’s a Report Item link right above the description on desktop.

Hmmm. No such link shows on my Amazon fire tablet. My laptop doesn’t connect to WiFi, I’ll try again after get it fixed.

Well that is a terrifying looking flower.

Here is the direct link to report the item, maybe this will work for you:

I love how all of the other suggested items on the page are also obvious fake plants - including luffas painted to look like human breasts, a mauve tomato, ‘rainbow’ chrysanthemums (each flower being like the standard colour wheel), an ‘egret orchid’ which just has the neck and head of an actual bird clumsily pasted into the image, more monkey orchids with supposedly very realistic monkey faces and a watermelon with navy blue flesh.