Anybody know what happened? (Playstation Store/ PS5)

A year or so ago I came across an article saying that you could request an invitation to buy a PS5 from the Playstation Store. It seemed legit so I signed up. All they got was my name and email address. Today I check the PS website and I don’t see anyway to do this. Was I scammed or did something else happen?

It was still a drawing to get an email to get a time-window to purchase a PS5 from the PS store. I was able to pick one up that way so it was definitely legit. Maybe your email went to junk mail or maybe you didn’t get lucky to get an email.

I was also able to score a PS5 via the PlayStation store raffle…

Amazon runs a similar raffle if you’re a Prime member. I scored a PS5 this way as well.

(The second one will be a Christmas gift to a family.)

There are other companies that do similar things. (I think Best Buy and Wal-Mart do as well if you belong to their clubs.)

Unless you’re chomping at the bit to pay inflated prices, it’s worth the wait. Plus, the club memberships (PS5 just requires a PlayStation account which is free at the basic level) are cheaper than the after-market prices even if you don’t use the club memberships for anything else.

Yep, I got one through the invite I signed up on the Playstation webpage.

Also got mine this way. I already had a Playstation account, mind you, you enter the raffle by ensuring that you’ve given them permission to send promotional emails.