Anybody remember Come Softly To Me by The Fleetwoods?

I found this exquisite a cappella version on Youtube tonight and thought I’d share. Don’t know what brought it to mind as I haven’t heard or thought of this song in decades, but I’m glad now that I was somehow reminded of it.

So pretty, I loved that!

Yep, get that song stuck in my head often. It’s good one.

Percy Sledge did a nice version:

Takes me back to senior year at high school. Very nicely done.

One night during our usual gig in LaConner, WA, someone in the band noticed that Gary Troxel (writer and lead singer of The Fleetwoods) was in the audience. He kindly came on stage and we were able to have a fabulous ‘High School Moment’ with Come Softly To Me. He still had that smooth voice and Jill and Bob remembered the harmony parts to perfection. Sometimes in life the stars align just like they’re supposed to.