Anybody remember OBL and Hussein?

As we all know, thousands of people are already killed because the USA “wanted” them.

So how come that they seem to have vanished so quickly from the US spectrum of interest now that the invasion and occupation is done?

My guess is that the average US’er has already forgotten what these wars were so called all about. This including all the rest that they were told about it.
I mean: in a country where so many still seems to believe that Iraq has attacked the USA first (= that Iraq was behind 9/11), what can one expect of the public opinion about such a tiny little detail like OBL, Hussein? WMD, immediate threat… Orange alert… mass consumption of duct tape… visions of biological attacks…

Do you think this will haunt The President during his next election circus or are even his opponents to scared to touch this issue, because if can fall on their own heads if they win the game.
Salaam. A

I’ll tell you something pal, You are the most odious person I have ever met on any message board I have been on.
You are ignorant, abusive,arrogant and thoroughly distasteful.

This is the first and last time I ever respond to one of your inflammatory postings but in closing my post I ask one thing of you.

Stick your salaams up your arse.

For the SDMB’ers who have completely forgotten about hussein (and OBL) and are addicted to “cites”, I have a treat…

No thanks needed.
Salaam. A

We haven’t forgotten about them. We will get them. It’s like finding a needle in a haystack, but we only need one opportunity.

He sounds like a mooselimb… With an islamic agenda, to me…


They’re on the back burner. We’re only 12 months from a Presidential election.

Everything else can screw off.


You forgot to mention the common belief in much of the Arab and Moslem world that Israel was behind the 9/11 attack. Oh, yeah, that fact is counter to the agenda you are pushing on this board.

At any rate, igorance of certain facts is hardly an American monopoly. Bush would have a better chance of being elected if either of those two evil men were caught, but he’ll still have a good chance with it. You’ll find that the election will hinge much more on the state of the economy than anything else. And right now the economy is improving extremely well. We’ll see in the next quarter or so how the unemployment rate does, and if that goes down significantly then I’m afraid you’ll most likely have 4 more years of Bush.

Don’t worry aldebaran, the American public has definitely not forgotten about osama or saddam. Until we parade their dead, mutilated bodies (uday & kusay anybody ?) on television for the whole world to see, there is hardly any news to report about these two characters.


I thought Alde had agreed to just start every thread with “I hate America, let me tell you the ways…”

At least this time he did ask a questions, albeit one framed with sarcasm and thinly veiled hatred of Americans. So to answer the “question”, no they have not been forgotten, but we have alot a ground to search and without a popluar VOCAL support of the indeginous people of the country I doubt we will find them anytime soon.

I’m always fascinated, Aldebaran, with your amazing ability to know exactly what “US’ers” (a term which you claim is not meant as an affront but clearly IS since you insist on continuing with it despite being called on it) are thinking. True, I have known people who are something like the “classic American” image you have in your head, but your constant stereotyping is incredibly offensive. I’m sure you don’t care though. After all, we’re only bloodthirsty, baby-killing “US’ers.”


There is a “common belief” in the Arab and Muslim world" that
Israel was behind 9/11?

To play your games here a bit while I’m smiling with your Incredible Accurate Insight in the “Arab and Muslim world” which is my home:

Do you have “cites” for that Great Truth you come to share with us?
By the way: Are you sure that * you* know for 100% certain who exactly was behind it?

I’m not.
But then… I’m historian and having doubts about everything that doesn’t happen under my very eyes- and most certainly the history of or behind recent events - is what I’m trained for.
Salaam. A


If you want to take “US’ers” for something it is not, that can hardly by my problem.
It is yours.

If you want to describe all US’ers as “bloodthirsty baby killers”, that is also your problem and not mine.

And if you declare yourself to be some sort of paranormal gifted being who knows what “image” I “have in my head”, then I
guess you should seek some professional help to get over it.

Maybe you do that “clear sighting” you say you are able to do for living? If you do, I bet your clients don’t come back and regret they waisted their money on your sillyness.
Salaam. A

Hey ! Nice tip for you… look in the other haystack… not Iraq the friendly one: Pakistan. Now if you prefer to look elsewhere… good luck finding anything.
Daisy Cutter Rhetoric:

 Wow... if this is an example of the civilized West... I just might apply to go to the eastern hemisphere. How about gutting him too in Public display and get the complete medieval spectacle ? 

Or did you like seeing dead american rangers dragged thru Mogadischu ? Practically the same thing your proposing...


You should know that for people with the mindset to give themselves names like “Daisy Cutter” and invent a signature to underscore what that means to them, belong to the category that scream “Violation of Geneva Conventions” when one US POW is showed on a TV screen. And jump in the air of joy with every non US soldier or civilian who’s mutilated and bloody body is displayed under their eyes.

My wild guess about this: This member is too young of age to become part of the Invading Heros, and thus almost dies from frustration about that.
Salaam. A

Aldebaran, you still around? Good.

You forget to mention Mullah Omar.

Anyone who writes in these boards here, I think, is better than anyone who goes around shooting to lacerate and kill even.

So, Alde, continue to write and do not take up arms against anyone.

And all of us here, just keep to writing and talking, no shooting and stabbing please.

I think Alde has brought up very good points which the world and the U.S. should take up very seriously, if we all want to fight terrorism and achieve world peace.

But governments and politicians are not really after world peace and harmony among mankind, they are after their own selfish wicked irrational ego-interests.

Alde, we need you like we need a good cold shower to bring us to our senses.

In the meantime, tell your fellow Muslims to not take up arms but to do a lot of seeing and thinking, not believing only.

Read Mahathir, he has the answers to the problems of the Muslim world. But be discerning in his expatiations on the world and the solutions to its problems.

Alde, I just love you for making me think about the issues you bring up.

Tell your Muslim brethren, see and think, and they will be ruling the world like the Jews, and maybe doing without wars unlike the Jews.

Susma Rio Sep

Americans have short memories. They forget the promises made by the infidel Junior Bush.

hehe Aldebaran… seems you took my “tip” on smoothing out a bit your posts… more elegant.

As for Daisy Cutter I understand that he is old/older actually… his problem is not lack of wisdom due to youth. In order to avoid personal attacks I will refrain from speculating on his actual social class and education.

Rashak and Aldebaran:

Perhaps your fanatacism is clouding your abilities to think rational thoughts.

If and when saddam/osama are apprehended/killed, do you really believe that nobody will demand evidence of this ?

On this message board, such an idea is obviously considered outrageous by many, but in the real world, what I suggest is most likely exactly what will happen.

So once again, I am on the money. I’m not here to debate somebody’s warped view of reality.

Make fun of me for being right, I don’t mind. . . . . . .

I do not take the words from a female seriously. They are but the babble of a child.

Perhaps you should ask your god for some more wisdom, because I am not a female, something which I have stated numerous times.