Anybody up for a holiday round of Haggle?

I know it’s been a while, but I’ve been pretty busy for the past five and a half months. :smiley:

For anybody who needs refreshing, the original haggle game thread that we had this spring/summer is [thread=421911]here,[/thread] and the original questions thread about it is [thread=417405]over here.[/thread] I’d be happy to moderate again, either here on the dope or off on some other forum, if people are interested.

We could do something with christmas-themed, and other winter holiday-based tokens and rules, assuming that noone would get offended about it. :slight_smile:

I’m about it.

I’m in!

Just to clarify, is this a signup, or were you meaning to say ‘I’m offended about it’ and left out the word ‘offended’? (Or ‘I’m thinking about it?’) It doesn’t seem like a complete sentence, even with the BYAHH! :wink:

Edited to add: Okay, now that I’ve got a few replies… any suggestions about the timing this go-round? One week of trading? Also, if a mod happens to drop by, what’s the status of a game waiting list for here in MPSIMS? I didn’t happen to see a party or mafia/werewolf thread active.

This one looked fun the last time. I’m in.

Me too. Shit, you guys are going to tear me up though, very busy at work and I would like to have more time to Haggle. The good thing is that I now get up earlier and will probably be the first to post/haggle every morning.

Ahhh, what the hell…I can’t access the off-board Mafia site anymore, so I’ll go another round of this.


Would there be any adjustments to game play? If I recall the last one slowed down considerably and came down to 3-4 players sporadically making half-hearted trades during the last week of game play.

I’ll be open to suggestions, and have already mentioned reducing the play time. Any other ideas?

I am totally in! And this time I will do better (now that I know the mod is going to put a stop to all shady deals that would end up seperating fools from their money.)

Is that what happened to you? Why not?

Also, I appear to be next in line to mod mafia, look for a new SDMB game starting in about a week.

NAF look at my second post in day three of Blade-runner. Hope you don’t mind I copied your post there Hal.

I’m in even though I’m clueless as usual.

Oh wait, when does this start? I’m going on vacation 12/19.

Or go here Hal loses his connection to blade-runner. Sorry for the lazy last post, it’s been one of those days. End of the semester. :dubious:

AHH! Wow, that sucks for him.

Hal, does Vtunnel work for you, or is it too well known at this point?


About it… you know? I’m all about watching the game tonight, or, I’m all about
going to the strip club at any time of day. Just kidding, I don’t really dig strip clubs. But, yes, I’m interested.

BYAHH! comes from the Dave Chapelle skit making fun of Howard Dean, and can be found here:

By buddies and I use it to express sincere enthusiasm and/or agreement.

Sorry, I was waiting to see if anybody else found this on their own.

So far we have:
Santo Rugger
Drain bead
Uncommon Sense
Hal Briston

sinjin if the game will end before 12/19. USCDiver has commented on the thread but not otherwise expressed interest, as I read it.

I’m getting the impression that we’d have to do this off-board if we’re going to do it now, and I’m not sure if a google group or something else would be the best way to go about that. And do we want to just go ahead with 7-ish people or hold out for more?

I would tend to prefer we wait until we can do it here.

i will give it a go

I’m still trying to make up my mind. I enjoyed the last go-round for the first few days when there was a lot of action and it seemed like things were similar to how it might be played IRL. But with the preponderance of no-shows and sachertorte’s auction it seemed to lose it’s appeal toward the end. Plus the bitter loss at the hands of Hal Briston (althought that was ALL Doctor Who dumb fault for a lazy, poorly thought out last minute trade).

For those who didn’t follow closely, in the last game I was winning going into the last day of trading mainly due to a combination of two rules (one was spelling your own username, the other involved mulitplying your bonuses for not duplicating a letter). Several of the players in the game (specifically me and Hal Briston) were at a significant advantage because we were able to satisfy both rules gaining a huge advantage. For me, 80 points for my username was tripled to 240, for Hal 100 points tripled to 300. I had been doing everything within my power to keep Hal from spelling his name because that would have tipped the scales in his favor considerably.

By my calculations (which were a bit off, but not by much), I was winning and Doctor Who was going to be second with Hal in third or forth. But in his shortsightedness, Doctor Who made a trade to Hal Briston which, while increasing the absolute point value of Doctor Who’s portfolio, thrust him into a distant third place. Yes, I’m bitter.

Anyways, chrisk, I’d like to see your plans for the format of this round before I make my decision to play. I don’t see why we couldn’t have it on SDMB though, unless there is some Mod hesitancy to have too many game threads simultaneously.