Haggle: St.Valentine's Day

They say that Love is in the air, everywhere you look around. I don’t know about that, but something I don’t see everywhere I look around is Haggle.

Let’s fix that.

Yes, It’s The long anticipated return of that OTHER SDMB game: Haggle.

I Have had direct communication with ChrisK and he will be on board as the game’s co-mod.

The Good News: Yes, It’s a game of haggle, your old forgotten Itch.*

The Bad News: I only have slots for 7 players.

*Or, if you are in the market for a new Addiction, we will oblige. No charge.

I could Re-invent the wheel here, but I will take from The Dragon’s Hoard Haggle. [I’m kinda partial to that one, after all.]

**Two changes have been made for this game.

1.You cannot COPY rule slips. Trades and Looks are still valid.

2.EVERYTHING you are holding at the end of the game will be turned in and scored for you, automatically.

Here’s how it works. At the start of play, your humble Hagglemaster, (that’s me,) hands out packages to each player, including some valuable game tokens with different identifying characteristics, and also numbered rule slips. The slips, taken as a whole, form a set of rules determining how a ‘portfolio’ of tokens would be scored or evaluated at the end of the game.

You the players are free to make just about any deals you like in the hopes of amassing a killer portfolio, based on, but not limited to, the following types of transactions:

  • One player giving another a token

  • One player showing another a rule slip, letting them read it and memorizing it, and then taking it back

  • One player giving another a rule slip.

  • One player giving out an ‘IOU’ that will be redeemed for a specific value of points after the debtor’s portfolio is scored, and before the winner is announced. In case of conflict, all IOUs are evaluated in terms of the order that they were incurred. If the player who owes you points runs out and goes bankrupt, you cannot collect.

  • Trading for a ‘share’ of the credit another player gets in the event of a win.

For instance, a proposed deal might be, “Hey Joe - if you let me take a good look at rule #16, and throw in that green card, I’ll give you rule #5. You can’t beat that offer!”

As you might imagine, there’s always a fine line to walk between the tokens and rule slips - don’t give up too many tangible assets in exchange for information, but you need to accumulate enough information to tell you what the tokens are really worth.
There may be ‘white elephant’ tokens that have a generally negative effect, however these can be left out of the portfolio if the player is aware of their impact - similarly, a particular bonus rule might require that only so many of a given counter be submitted - the excess can be discarded before the end of game. Or rules might stipulate that having a particular combination of counters or meeting a specific condition will penalize you.

And, at the end of the night, everybody hands in their portfolios for evaluation, and a winner is determined according to the rules from the slips.


  • You cannot contact any players about game strategy off the thread. No deals can be proposed, accepted, or rejected in secret. Everybody can see what everyone else is doing, (if they can keep up with the thread.)

  • The tokens and which number rule slips a player holds are always visible to all, once the moderator has caught up on recent trades and posted an update.

Trade offers are ALWAYS numbered in sequence

(no matter if they are ‘counteroffers’ or not,) and should be colored in blue for ease of reading when scrolling through the thread. Acceptances are in green and should always quote or otherwise indicate which offer is being accepted, and exactly what any terms that have been left open in the offer should be finalized as. If there is any ambiguity in the acceptance, the trade is void until corrected. Removing a trade offer can be done at any time, and should use red lettering.

Post trade offers, in blue, in something like the following format:

Meeko Offer #1: I will give Digger 1 Silver for 2 Copper.


Meeko Offer #2: I will give Opal rule slip 3 for 4 Copper.

There are a lot of variants on trades, obviously - you can leave them open to many people, you can leave a lot of options available in what you’re willing to take or receive. You can also mark a trade as ‘repeating’ if it’s such that you’d be able to fufill the terms of the deal more than once, in which case, please say (repeating 4 times) or (repeating infinitely) and more than one player will be able to accept that offer, or one player more than once.

If a trade has some options, such as:

Chrisk offer #3: I’ll show anybody any of my rule slips in exchange for two letter cards, or one letter card out of the following: V, W, X, or Z
Then, if you’re accepting, you MUST specify all of the options or the acceptance will be null and void**

BAD - Okay, chrisK, I’ll accept offer #3 and I want to see rule 11.

GOOD - Okay, chrisK, I’ll accept offer #3, and give you two C’s in exchange for rule 11.

Accepts will be posted in green. If you want to make a counter-offer inspired by someone else’s offer, then just post it like any other offer, including numbering it in the same sequence - that is, if you’ve gotten up to offer #4, a new counteroffer will be offer #5 (or counteroffer #5) not counteroffer #1

To withdraw an offer before it has been taken, use red. Withdraw my offer #2

And if you can quote someone else’s offer while accepting it, all the better!

Dragon’s Hoard Haggle can be found here. Links to previous games can also be found at that link.
April Foolishness Haggle can be found here.
Hard to believe it’s been 22 months since we last did this. **

Sign ups for 7 players are NOW OPEN:

Will get more information out after the game “makes”.

I’m tempted. I would think I have a better attitude for Haggle than for Mafia. What do you think about that, Meeko?

Also, how long will this game run?

On second thought, IN (subject to game schedule).

Haggle is an Independent affair, so you aren’t forced into moves because of what someone else does, or doesn’t do.

I need to double check with chrisk on this, but, because you can play literally 24-7, it wont be that long, I would say approximately 2 weeks.

But yeah, ok, this is all I need to hear.


Sounds like fun. I enjoyed the last game.

Antinor01 accepts the offer to join the game. :wink:

I WANT TO PLAY, but Haggle requires more time for me. So alas i’m out. But good luck to all the traders.

And Skeezix now understands why it is that I’m not playing his Mafia game this go around. :smiley:

Let’s do this thing.


How long is this game running, Meeko?

Chris got back to me, I think it will be about 7-10 days.


Wow, I thought this would fill up immediately. Come on, folks!


I’m having a lot of fun reading the old Haggle threads, but actually playing is not for me. At least not right now (no time!).

I’ll be following along with interest, though.

I’m in provided we don’t start until next week.

Have you sent a pm to naf?

Ben offer 0xFACE: Will support starting next week in exchange for Oredigger providing one sockpuppet post

Do I have the concept right?

Pretty much nailed it. except it’s better to number you offers that way I can

Accept Ben #1

Rather then

Accept Scuba’s delay of game for my getting myself banned

Oh, very well. I’ll use 1-indexed decimal numbers instead of arbitrary hex values. Hrumf.

I’m cool with waiting until next week also. Whatever gets people in the game.

You mean Digger is in, Even after I snubbed him in the rules?

And yeah, was thinking we should get NAF in on this one.

Honestly, I haven’t read the rules I figured I know what’s up at this point. Now I’m going to have to read them and figure out how to get revenge on the mod and still win the game. . .

Oh ya, I’d send out abunch of PMs to the people who have played in the past I just wandered into the game room for the first time this week so they may miss it if you don’t. Also to be fair try and pick of some of the Mafia regulars maybe if we poach enough there can be regular haggle.