Anybody up?

Its 3:30am and I’ve been up for over an hour stressing about work/life. Rather mundane and somehat pointless, but curious what others do when their mind wont let them sleep? Get up? Lay in bed thinking? I’m up at least a couple times a month. After an hour i usualy give up, get out of bed and give in to the mindlessness that is tv.

Very mundane and somewhat pointless, but its 3:30am and I’ve been up for over an hour. Find myself up stressing about work several times a month. Do people get up? Stay and bed letting your mind run? I find i give in to the mindlessness of TV after laying awake for an hour.

Double posted stupidly. Can someone delete this? Thanks

There’s always someone up on the Dope. I, for instance, live in Sydney Australia where it’s 8:26pm.

I also wake in the middle of the night and can’t get back to sleep. Sometimes I give in and turn on the computer but I generally try to read myself back to sleep. Failing that, I get up and do some quiet tidying up.

I live in Dubai and it’s 13:35 over here, so I’m awake. Not only that, but having coffee at a nearby joint also and working on my laptop.

I’m up by also wish I was asleep. It’s 4 freaking 30 in the morning.

I’m in California and it’s 0130 here. Not that late. But I’ll go to sleep soon.

4:53 here.
Went to bed early. Got up early.


Change some habits. Take up some mediation. You are in a bad place right now.

I am frequently awake during the night. I usually try to read or play games on my iPad. Our house is small and getting up and about would likely disturb everyone else. If I am particularly restless I will go out to the living room and read out there. Insomnia is such a bitch!

I’m in Oregon and was awake when you posted that. Worst.Night.Of.Sleep.EVER!

I’m up AND exhausted. Dropped my hubby off at his clinic; did a major grocery shopping; walked 3.5 miles; tidied up at home; took a 1.5 mile walk to meet friends for breakfast out; picked up hubby; and now I’m working on the third load of laundry. I need a nap.

Where were you when I was up with insomnia last night?? And there is nothing on tv at four in the morning unless you like infomercials.

Mostly down with not being up.

I wonder if you meant medication or meditation. Or mediation.

6:42am, and I’ve been up for an hour and a half.

I listen to audiobooks. They tend to lull me back to sleep. Sometimes it takes a few minutes. Sometimes I listen for a couple of hours.

Merged the two threads for you.

StuckinNJ, care to share? Or get something off your chest? Or vent? Pardon me for prying, for that is not my intent. Maybe we can help. Maybe we just simply listen. As the saying goes, and this is true for some not all - a joy shared is twice the joy, a sorrow shared is half the sorrow.

Regardless, am sending good and positive thoughts and vibes your way.

Well, Duh! He’s stuck in NJ!