Anybody with Office Sex experience?

This has been among my fantasies for a long time…
ANd i got to be lovers with a couple of my colleagues and had little affairs with a few more in the past.
In fact my wife used to be a colleague too…

But I have never had sex in an office !

I would be delighted to hear about the experiences you people have had!

Sorry, I have only participated in groping. I’ve masturbated in the company restroom before, though. 8^)

At a place where I used to work, an employee had sex with her boyfriend (who was not an employee) on the roof of the building. She was not aware that there were security cameras. Several people got to see the video.

I’ve been caught by that.

Office party while I was on university temping work. Me, a manager, and video cameras all over the building.

I was dating a lovely lady who worked in the same bldg, and she loved coming in on ‘business’ matters and kissing me passionately, saying “Thank you, UncleBill”, and walking out. The discussions wandered, and the fantasy arose. We met back at my ofc one Saturday morning, shut the door, closed the blinds (1st fl w/ big window looking at entrance), cleared off the desk, and commenced to the making of whoopee. Granted, not as thrilling as when other people were around, but still good.

I have absolutely no intention of telling any hokey stories about my sex life. I thought this thread was about having a sexual “relationship” with someone in your office. Go buy yourself a “Penthouse Forum” if you need details.

I will say one thing though…“Never get your meat where you make your bread” is pretty good advice.


Does it count if it was with someone you were married to at the time (and still are)?
If so, yes, but use your dirty little imagination and you might get it half right.


I didnt ask anybody to post pornographic details…
All I am after is a few smiles and maybe some sighs that you of course dont have to share with anybody.

You gave a useful piece of advice…
Maybe you could do with some too: Keep cool, keep smiling…
Life will LOOK better even if it doesn’t actually GET better.

Confrence room tables make a great place for spur of the moment sex. Granted, I never did it while there were people in the office, but on the weekend.