Anyone bought anything from

This is a funky website that sells just one thing a day, with funny and irreverent product descriptions. Woot also welcomes both positive and critical comments on its products. Here’s the Wiki article about the site: Woot - Wikipedia

Anyone bought anything from How did you like it? Would you do so again?

I bought a portable DVD player from them a year or so ago. It was “refurbished,” and quickly lost its ability to let us play video games on it.
But I don’t blame for that. I blame myself for buying a used Audiovox.

Oh, and yes, I would buy from them again. There were no problems with billing or shipping or any of that.

I buy lots of stuff from W00t! and check them every day. They’re usually a good deal on a good product.

However, I made the mistake of buying a refurbed WD hard drive from them. It came plopped in an oversized box, with no packing material, knocking around inside like a brick. And it was just as useful in my PC as a brick, too.

I bought a refurbed HD from them and it was wrapped in bubble wrap. Worked great and is still working fine to this day. Still want to get in on a Bag of Crap, but am never up early enough to do so…

Mr. Jeeves checks every night, and we have bought several things from them, including a Bag-o-Crap, which was as advertised. :slight_smile: I like them for their descriptions more than anything else. Todays is just ok, but their PS3 woot description was hilarious .

My friend buys stuff from woot all the time. He loves them.
I’d buy from them but everytime I remember to visit they’re al sold out.