Woohoo, finally got a bag of crap!

I haven’t actually gotten it yet, I mean, I finally timed it right to order one about an hour ago during today’s Woot off. After 10 years of trying, and missing.

I am so excited to see what crap I get :slight_smile:

I’m not following, are you filming a remake of The 120 Days of Sodom or something?

Report back. We’ve tried and were never successful getting a BoC from Woot!


I take it its a random bag of stuff that you can buy …or win from an online store or auction ………

The website Woot.com/ Every once in a while they gather up all the random stuff hanging around the office/warehouse, and offer their “Bag Of Crap”. You never know what you will get, and it often is truly worthless.

Here’s a direct link.


Me too! Never got one before - are they as… umm, odd? as Meh’s Fukobukuro bags?

At least Woot doesn’t make you suffer through the captchas that Meh throws at me.
Although $10 seems a bit steep…

I managed to get my first BOC recently after dozens of attempts over the years. It was a bit of a letdown. There was a ton of stuff, but it left me feeling meh? instead of wot!. That said, I managed to give away all the little odds and ends to people who really appreciated them.

I think I managed to get two of them over the years (don’t really check the site anymore). One of them was mostly junk and the other was half junk and the other half worthwhile stuff.

It should be noted that the ‘junk’ stuff was just cheap stuff that I had no use for, nothing wrong with it, just nothing I needed (ie a lighted dog collar).

Search YouTube for “bag of crap unboxing” or just “bag of crap” to share in someone else’s joy.

They change it up. IIRC, one of them involved a captcha. I remember having two side by side windows open having the mouse over the spot where would need to type on one window and using F5 to refresh the other, over and over and over. When the captcha popped up I could very quickly type (I think the captcha would be added to the end of a URL, so I had that ready to go in the address bar) in the other window.

And always refresh both pages every few minutes to check if you’re logged in or not, or log out/log in just to be sure. If you’re not logged in when it pops up, you’re not getting one. Those bags sell out in seconds.

Wow, i didn’t realize they were still doing those. I gave up Woot not too long after Amazon bought them. I fondly remember the days of frequently refreshing during a Woot Off! I got one BOC and crap is mostly what it was. The only thing I remember and still have is a tin ice bucket with the Woot logo.

When I saw the thread title, I thought that Cards Against Humanity had experienced some really bad shipping delays…

Hey, I managed to snag one yesterday as well! This will actually be my 5th. I don’t believe I’ve ever gotten anything worthwhile in any of them, but hope springs eternal. And it’s always fun opening them, regardless.

I had no prior knowledge of this phenomenon, and the thread title led me to believe that you were getting an actual sack of shit. :slight_smile:

Glad it wasn’t that. :slight_smile:

American Science and Surplus used to do an amazing bag o’Crap. This was back when they were a paper catalog though. I don’t see it listed on the website. :frowning: Too bad, it was a full-on Mad Scientist moment opening up one of those.

When Amazon bought Woot (and totally ruined the idea of 1 item/day, the creator agreed to not compete for some period of time, like 2 or 3 years. After that, they started Meh!.com, which is pretty much what Woot used to be.

Got the shipping notification :slight_smile:
Coming Monday, weighs 4.5 pounds.

“But it’s really great shit, Mrs. Presky!”