Anyone else get their "forever" ignore list trimmed periodically?

When I ignore someone I always put it “forever”. If I don’t aim for it to be indefinite, I’d just skip over their posts for a few days.

But over the past few days, I’ve noticed that I keep seeing people’s posts that I had previously ignored. It’s a steady drip, drip, of posters disappearing from the list.

I built my Discourse ignore list based on who was rediscovering this message board over a few days, several months ago. Since my ignore list is also going away steadily over the course of several days, the simplest explanation seems to be that ignore for “Forever” really means ignore for “several months”.

Any else in the same boat I am in?

This is the same bug I alluded to in another reply in this category from a few minutes ago. Apologies, our bug, has been fixed for ~2 months but a very regrettable oversight.