Ignore list and "suggested topics"

I have one user on my ignore list.

I do not see topics started by this user, and I do not see this user’s posts in other discussions.

However, topics started by this user still appear in the suggestion list at the bottom of a thread.

Is this a deliberate design choice, or is it a functional oversight?

Given the Discourse philosophy of trying to maximize interaction (for years, the longest you could ignore someone was 4 months), it seems to be a deliberate design choice. The devs have been aware for a long time, and they don’t seem to have much interest in changing it.

Huh. I actually never noticed that threads by people on my ignore list never showed up elsewhere. I’ve definitely stumbled upon some of those threads, where the OP has been hidden.

It might be possible to detect if a thread is written by someone on your ignore list. I know they don’t tell you who started the threads, but there still may be something different. The next time you see such a thread, check and see if they show the hover text or not. It would be great if the hovertext gets blocked.

“This person who is stupid and obnoxious and destructive to healthy conversation might somehow mysteriously become less so in a few weeks or months! You never know!”


For a while after we switched to Discourse I thought there was a max limit on the ignore period, but then I happened to reduce my text zoom level one day and voila! The remaining time length options showed up in the drop-down for me and I could permanently ignore people again. Now I know to reduce my zoom level whenever Discourse drop-down contents seems too sparse.

I have one user on my ignore list as well and their topics always show up, both in individual forums and in New Posts. Is there a way to make topics they started not show up? That was half the reason I put that person on ignore.