Does the "ignore" function work on Discourse? SOLVED

I tried to put someone on ignore and on this board you have to pick a time-frame. No matter what time-frame I chose from the dropdown menu, it didn’t recognize it and kept telling me to pick a time-frame.

I was a passionate and frequent user of the ignore button on the old board. I would add and remove people at a whim- hehe. At the peak, I believe I had 22 people on ignore. :skull: I want that function back if it’s available.

NEVER MIND- This time it worked. :headslap:

Carry on.

Ok. New question.

On the old board, if someone was on your ignore list, you would see a post with their name and the message “Mary Lou is on your ignore list” instead of seeing Mary Lou’s post.

How does it manifest here? Do you see something like that, or just not see the person’s posts at all, as if they did not exist?

I see a line that says “view 1 hidden reply” between posts. You can’t see who the poster was without viewing the post.

Thanks. You’re obviously paying better attention than I am today.

Am I missing something? I go to preferences->users and all I see is the option to mute, which is ok but I want real ignore. Do I need to earn some badge or something before I can ignore someone?

I cannot find the Ignore function, and lowlifes are now creeping before me with impunity.

Profile > Preferences > Users

In case I don’t see you anymore afterward, thanks. :wink:

But seriously, I did find it, but it looks like I can Ignore someone for no more than four months? Luckily, the vast majority of my Ignore list got banned over the past year anyway.

Scroll further down the list. You’ll find ‘six months’, ‘one year’, ‘forever’.

So yeah, you have to reach a certain trust level to be able to ignore. Googling about this, I see that the high priests of Discourse were kind of resistant. “I wanna ignore this jerk they won’t ban” “Sounds like you have a problem with your board’s moderation. Not our problem”.

It doesn’t appear to work on discobot, though.


I don’t care for the hoops I have to jump through in order to put a user on Ignore. I liked it better when I could just click on their public profile and PLONK them.

You can, basically. The only additional hoop is choosing a time frame. I think that’s not a bad feature. “This guy is going to drive me crazy until the election is over!”

I made a covid resolution to be less sneering online and a drive by potshot taker was seriously testing my resolve. Thank you, ignore!

Thanks. Found it.

I still want to put discobot on Ignore, though.

Whenever I try to add someone to the Ignore list, it keeps giving me an error “You have to select a timeframe”. There is a “duration” drop-down box, but no matter what “duration” I select, I get the “You must select a timeframe”. Is the timeframe different than the duration, and if so, how do I select a timeframe?

ETA: Perhaps my problem was that the username is case sensitive, in which case I should get an error that says “No such user” or something, rather than “You must select a timeframe.”

Anyway, the Ignore function is not working the way I would like. I would like to ignore entire threads started by particular users. Is there some way to do that?

(And now I have complaints about the Edit function…)

Afaict, you have to mute each thread individually, even if they were started by someone you’ve put on ignore.

Is there a way to allow ignoring people who’ve hidden their public profile? Twice now, I’ve attempted to ignore someone and have failed because their profile was hidden, and thus the ignore button gone. This seems like a troll’s dream.

Go to your profile, Preferences, Notifications/Users. Click Add under the Ignored list and type in the user name.

Thank you.

The removal of the Normal/Muted/Ignored button from users with hidden profiles is a problem. We shouldn’t have to go through so many steps to ignore jerks.