Does the "ignore" function work on Discourse? SOLVED

I tried to put someone on ignore and on this board you have to pick a time-frame. No matter what time-frame I chose from the dropdown menu, it didn’t recognize it and kept telling me to pick a time-frame.

I was a passionate and frequent user of the ignore button on the old board. I would add and remove people at a whim- hehe. At the peak, I believe I had 22 people on ignore. :skull: I want that function back if it’s available.

NEVER MIND- This time it worked. :headslap:

Carry on.

Ok. New question.

On the old board, if someone was on your ignore list, you would see a post with their name and the message “Mary Lou is on your ignore list” instead of seeing Mary Lou’s post.

How does it manifest here? Do you see something like that, or just not see the person’s posts at all, as if they did not exist?

I see a line that says “view 1 hidden reply” between posts. You can’t see who the poster was without viewing the post.

Thanks. You’re obviously paying better attention than I am today.