Ignore User not working

Just tried to add a username to my Ignore list and kept getting “Please select a timeframe”, even though I had, in fact, selected a timeframe.

Side note: Turning off my adblockers in an attempt to get the thing working revealed that ads are not blocked for me despite being a charter member. Discourse needs to get off its thumb about that.

I can’t reproduce this; I just ignored a random user for a week. How are you initiating the ignore? From the user’s profile page, or from your personal preferences page? (both should work for the record)

Personal preference page.

I’ve just cleared my cache and browser history and will be trying again.

Still can’t repro, unfortunately. I am in Chrome / Windows 10. I am able to ignore a random user for a week either via their profile page, or my own preferences.

(Also I feel kinda bad, I just ignored a user who posted for the first time in 9 years :scream:)

One thing to try, depending on how pernicious the problem becomes, is to use a different web browser, one you don’t normally use, to rule out weird browser settings / plugins / customizations etc.

I have a ton of plugins, yes. Chrome/Windows 10 Pro. Here’s what I’m seeing.

I don’t know if I can ignore from the user’s page; their profile is private.

I did also try removing one or two now-banned posters in case there was a limit. That not only didn’t help, but I can’t add them back.

I am currently using Privacy Badger, Disconnect, Ad Block Plus, and MalwareBytes Browser Guard. Whitelisting this site in those extensions brings all the ads back, which I do pay not to see, and still doesn’t let me ignore the user.

Rebooted. It works. Dunno what I did, but apparently I did it wrong and now I’m doing it right. Close thread if you feel like it.

No need, nor do I have power do to so (not a mod here, more like a technical janitor). Glad it’s working now!

I’ve found that the error message in this case doesn’t pinpoint the root error. When I got a “please select a timeframe” error even though I did select a timeframe, I’ve found that it was because the user wasn’t “confirmed”, like when you type ahead and the system automatically finds a user and you select it.

The system still needs to find the user even if you type in their entire name. So after you’ve typed the name you need to wait for the system to pop up with the user name under the text and select it. Then it should allow you to select a timeframe and ignore the poster.

So I was typing too fast and then clicking too fast?

Figures. Thanks for figuring that out.

Trying to put a user on ignore. One of the choices for duration is forever. Doesn’t seem to matter as not a one of the choices works. They all generate the “please select a time frame” notice.

The UI on the ignore feature is a little strange. When you enter the user name you need to press tab afterwards. You’ll then see the name in the box with a little x in a circle. Then you can select a timeframe and have it work.

Absent the little (x) you’ll get the defective error message that you need to select a timeframe, when in fact what you need to do is convert the letters “LSLGuy” into a reference to the user LSLGuy. For some totally dumb reason you also can’t use the standard @LSLGuy format. You need to type the letters and tab to “complete” the entry

I think the idea is that you can enter multiple names then ignore them all in one action. So they need some way to tell where one name ends and the next begins. The tab key is that way. And the (x) is the delete icon to remove an entry you no longer want.

Drove me nuts too until I figured it out.

See also Ludovic’s explanation a couple above your post. Same facts, different words. One or the other ought to click for you.

Thanks! I didn’t get around to trying it until just now. One twerp poster is now on that list. Thanks again!

There were a few highly regrettable bugs in this feature until somewhat recently (a few months ago). If you have issues with Ignore not working please do report them with as many specifics as you can.

Welcome back.