Ignored User preferences reset?

I am bringing this up here to see if it is happening to any other users:

As of today 3/5/2022, when reviewing threads, I saw posts from users I had placed on a perpetual ignore. I then checked under my Profile > Preferences > Notifications > Users and it currently shows that I have no ignored users. Previously I had 3. While it’s no great problem to return said users to the void, I am wondering if it was a glitch in my settings, or if others have also had this happen to them.

And if so, you may want to update your settings before it’s too late for your mental or emotional health!

No change for me.

No problem here.

Wow, I’m the first reply, huh. No problems here.


Who said that?

It just happened to me now.

Edit - Okay, if you go to Users and type in the poster name directly, it’ll work. Little cumbersome, but better than nothing.

Seems to be the worst sort of glitch, the irregular kind. Yeah, I was able to re-ignore posters thankfully. And glad it isn’t a board-wide thing.