Anyone else having problems with Google?

I was going to put this in General Questions, but I thought it might be too mundane (and temporary) for that.

Whenever I try to google something from the toolbar, I get a password window pop-up (“Authentication Required”) with the following message:


I thought it might be some hacking at work, but searches on other engines turn up no results. Also, it seems to come and go. Is something wrong with Google, or is the problem my browser/computer?

I’m not having any problems - using Firefox 3.5

What browser and version are you using? It looks like some firefox plugins can cause these authentication prompts to appear for various websites.

Dude, just count up to five. :wink:

A google search of “Neato Subversion” returns only one hit - this page.

No problems here.

I’m using Firefox 3.5, and yesterday I installed Read it Now.I’ll try uninstalling it and see if the problem still happens.

Hopefully that’s the culprit!