Firefox Settings

I’ve downloaded the most recent version of Firefox and I’ve elected to use IGoogle as my homepage. In the Favorites toolbar, I have links to Yahoo, Straight Dope, A Bank, MSNBC, and Domai (NSFW). All of these sites, except for MSNBC require a password to open, as does IGoogle. I have no trouble with Firefox failing to remember all these passwords EXCEPT FOR IGoogle: I have to enter my email address and password each and every time I open the damn thing. And, I have my Search settings set to NOT filter my search results but every time I open the home page, the Search setting has reverted to “Moderate.” I’m tired of having to nearly recreate my home page every time I want to use it.

What am I doing wrong?

hmmm, I don’t have any of these problems and I use firefox as well. My first guess would be a problem with your cookies. delete your cookies (under the options menu I believe) then go back to google, log in with the “remember me” box checked (or whatever they call it). I have it so my work computer has safe search on moderate and my home computer has it off and I’ve never had a problem, so i doubt it’s with firefox, which makes your cookies the most likely culprit

I have suspected it is a cookie problem. Does your work computer open in “Safe” mode, or do you mean it only searches in “moderate” and you make not attempt to modify it? I never have really understood cookies; I guess I need a crash course.

Thank you for your kind reply.

I’m going to bump this by saying, and this is true, that the things I am complaining about not working in Firefox work perfectly in I.E., which astonishes me. I really would appreciate a couple of suggestions and / opinions.


Here is how I get around it…

I use the GmailManager plugin and set it to automatically log into my Gmail account. Then when I click on the GmailManager icon in firefox, it will automatically log me into my Gmail account, then my home page will come up. Its just one click to log into my account, then one click on my home page icon, and I’m into my iGoogle home page.

I’ve been able to live with that for awhile now.

I don’t have a Gmail account but I think I’ll sign up for one and give that a try; the way it’s working out now is driving me nuts.

I lied in the OP; Domai doesn’t require a password since I am not a paying member. It is a site that is NSFW, though.

I’m confused what problem you are having. Are you saying that,even though you never log out of iGoogle, if you close Firefox and start it again, you won’t be logged in?

If so, yeah, that’s likely a cookie problem. Cookies are little bits of data that a website saves to your hard drive. That way, when you visit the site again, it will remember what you have done. You can see how this could be beneficial.

When you login to iGoogle, it saves your username and password in a cookie. When you log out, it deletes that cookie. However if the cookie is messed up, this may not happen. Your solution is to delete those cookies.

Now for the good part: how to do it. Tools > Options > Privacy Cookies > Show cookies. Search for Google, and delete all the cookies that show up.

Or the more spelled out version:

[ul][li]Click Tools on the menu bar. Click Options (at the bottom of the menu)[/li][li]Click the Privacy tab, then click the Show Cookies button (in the middle).[/li][li]In the search box, type google.[/li][li]After a bit, you’ll see a bunch of cookies in the box below. Select them all.[/li](Click the top one, scroll to the bottom, and click the bottom one while holding down Shift)
[li]Click the Remove Cookies button. Close out all the other windows (use the little X button in the upper right hand corner).[/ul]
Now, try going to iGoogle, log in, and then close Firefox. After a bit, start it again, and see if you are automatically logged in. If not, you can try this Greasemonkey script. If you haven’t already, you’ll need to install Greasemonkey first, and restart Firefox.

Heck, if you’re pressed for time, just do that last thing first.