Anyone else having trouble with their Google email account?

I’ve had the same password forever. I cannot get into my account. They tell me they have sent an email to my secondary account but it’s not there. What to do?

Anyone else having trouble with their Gmail account?

Yes, but not that. I can’t attach files to my e-mails. This is a big problem, and it’s been going on for two days now.

I just checked and there’s no problem here. Attachments seem to work fine also.

Gmail’s fine for me as well. I use it as my main email account – it attaches, but somehow never quite slices, dices or juliennes.

That happened to me once - I couldn’t log in with my password. I certainly freaked out, especially when Google wouldn’t help me because I couldn’t prove I was me (the details escape me). But after a week something reset and I could use it again.

Everything seems fine now, tho.

OK, thanks for checking in all. It’s maddening. It’s my main account. I’ve tried everything - they say they’ve done all they can to help and to try again in 5 days. Grrr.

That’s the trouble with web-based applications. Through no fault of your own, access to your applications and/or files can be cut off, and there’s not much you can do about it other than complain.

I say this as a long-time Gmail user. It’s convenient, but vulnerable.

You use Firefox? You need to clear your cookies. This happened to me before, so I tried everything. Nothing worked. Then I cleared the cookies and bingo! It’s not a fluke, either. When my husband had the same problem, I told him to clear his cookies and it worked for him, too.

Just logged on and off without trouble.

I’ve been having issues for a few days…extreme slowness and wonkiness. I figured it was because of Citrix but maybe not.

I Gmail all day, haven’t seen any problems. The SDMB on the other hand…the gerbils seem to get winded sometimes.

Did that fix it?

My Gmail is working just fine…

Ahhhh… thanks!