Anyone else having trouble with Yahoo! AddressGuard?

It’s kind of like Sneakmail, but doesn’t work.

The idea is that you set up an email addy that has nothing to do with your “real” email and when you sign up for crap online, you add a “suffix” to the email address. It comes into your inbox like a normal email, but if it starts shooting out nothing but spam, you can delete it and never be bothered by it again. Theoretically, one could have an infinite amount of these.

It’s a brilliant idea except that…it doesn’t work.

Emails sent to this go nowhere, but they don’t bounce back invalid account messages.

Anyone have any ideas? I’ve tried about four new addresses, added, deleted, etc. Nothing.

Oh yeah, Yahoo!'s been informed and hasn’t responded since I emailed them about a week ago. For all I know, they used this on their own help desk email address.

All of my AddressGuard addresses are working fine…I got an e-mail via one of them a few minutes ago, and also just sent a successful test message to the one I set up most recently. {shrug}