Anyone else play The Sims Online?

Did you have any installation problems? I can’t seem to get the stupid thing to run. I went through the two hour setup, then an installation screen with 12 tutorial pages to read while I waited, and when it was done with that, it went back to the desktop and showed a little box that said “Installation is not complete” and had three buttons: “Delete temporary files”, “Continue installation”, and “Quit”, and if I clicked Continue, it went through the installation again then back to the desktop again. If I clicked Delete, it warned me that I would have to go through the two hour setup again if I did that. The few steps right before those 12 tips pages were to enter my account info and choose a place to install, and even though the first installation attempt went all the way to 100%, the desktop icon and the folder in my Start menu aren’t there. The second and third times I attempted installation, it froze on the screen that has the “Claim my existing EA account” option, and I had to unplug my computer to get anywhere.

:frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

Has anyone else been through anything like this? If so, what did you do to make it run, other than putting your head through the monitor?

I’ve been itching to play this game for weeks, and it has to go and do something like this…

I’ve sent my question to the Sims tech help people, but their answers always confuse me even more. Surely out of all the people here, there are a few who’ve had my problem… :slight_smile:

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I solved the problem…it was ZoneAlarm that was crashing it.

Um…thanks anyway?

If anyone on here plays the game, I’m in Jolly Pines in the top left hand corner of the map. :smiley:

Are there a lot of people playing these days? What is there to do? Is it 99% social?

Quite a lot, I’d say. You build property or move in with someone, you can have a store or a place where people work on their skills and stuff, or you can just have a little house. It’s about 90% social, I wouldn’t go as far as 99% because you don’t always have to interact with people.

I signed up last year. It was almost completely empty of people. I was so bored, I’d cancelled my account by the end of the first day.

I beta-tested The Sims Online for about two months. I did not sign up when it went live. It didn’t have any horrible bugs, but the gameplay was very non-engrossing. And The Sims 2 has completed filled that niche for me, anyway.

Wow, I must be pretty strange, because I’m having a great time playing it. I’ve made a few friends that I now talk to on Yahoo, and it’s so awesome interacting with friends with the little people. I don’t like my offline version anymore, after playing a version where every sim is played by actual people. It’s more interesting to see where relationships go, knowing they’re not pre-programmed.

I’m sure I’d have had more fun if I could have actually found anyone to talk to. I found one person, and the coversation went like this

Me - “Hi!”
Them - “Hello!”
Me - “I’m new here. It seems pretty empty on here. Is it usually like this?”
Them - “Yep”