Anyone else playing "Baggo"?

Even though that’s not what we call it, I learned of it through the more uncouth “Cornhole”, but that’s what I’ve seen it named for the plastic sets at the store. Every day I find myself in the back yard pitching bean bags, and I’ll be damned if I’m not getting pretty good. Supposedly one of the bars around town is going to be having tournaments pretty soon too. So is this really becoming a craze, or is it just in suburban Chicago?

We play it here, and call it “bags,” but I suspect it came from Chicago, since it’s mostly played at softball tournaments, and all you ever see at them are teams from Iowa and Chicago. I also saw a shot a couple years ago of the tailgaters at the college world series in Omaha, and there were a bunch of people in the background playing it.

My team and I will be in Joliet on Labor day weekend for ASA nationals, we should get together for a game (although I suck at it).

And I just found this. which appears to be a national promotional body.

My aunt and uncle have an “official” Baggo game that is played every single time we have a gathering at their house. Unfortunately for me, it’s a three-hour drive.

Around here thay call it <ethnic> horseshoes.
I have some official Baggo bags, becuase it is very hard to find bean bags.
We use them to play GSAC (Garden-scaled armored combat). Think you standard miniatures war game, but instead of rolling dice you toss beanbags. An instead of little pewter units 4-6inch wooden ones.


That’s a new one on me. I’m going to go to work tomorrow and say “Hey, has anyone here played Cornhole!”