Spiny Norman introduced me to the game of kubb several years ago, when he, Shayna and one of their neighbours and I played it at the beach. Alas, I don’t have anyone to play with up here. I might buy a game anyway, in case there’s ever a Seattle Dopefest that’s at a venue amenable to playing it.

Does anyone here play kubb?

Ah, what the hell. I ordered a kubb set.

(Yes, I could make my own; but the chop saw is a little inaccessible at the moment.)

Yes, yes I do. My accuracy is generally best between the second and third beers.

Do you yell, ‘Og smash!’ as you throw the pinnar?

I also have Jarts. :slight_smile:

Another Kubb player here. My experience with kubb is similar to combatminipig’s: A few beers in, and I’m unbeatable. (A few more, and I am crap - but so is everyone else).

No, I cry the ancient Swedish war cries of “Ta skydd!” and “Jag snubblade, får jag kasta om?” to put fear into the hearts of my enemies.

We Scandinavians are very good at coining appropriate war cries. minipig’s are particularly to the point.

I’ll have to remember Ta skydd!.