SDMB Poker Q2 2010 - It's like taking Tabasco from a baby

We are inviting all to join us on Thursday nights at 10:00 Eastern Time to play poker (Texas Hold’em). It is free.

Here is the link to the poker room.

We play on the private server that is currently titled SDMB Poker(chez fubbleskag). The password is “cecil”.

Here is last quarters thread.

There is usually a conversation going on over AIM. Just give us your AIM username in the poker chat window and someone will invite you.

Not getting it to work tonight.




fixed, sorry

Best. Thread title. Ever.


*. Mental
&. Crane
^. Dag
%. Fubs
$. Oslo
#. Missy
@. Meeks
!. Reds

Sorry Meeks, I sort of had you penciled in at the end.

First Game of the 2nd Quarter:
ETA: Ninja’d by dag.

So, do we all have to play a total of 3 games for this quarter to get the mysterious number ranking?

All in all, I think tonight felt more like real poker, than the I can get tighter than the rest of you fest that was tail end of last quarter.

Yeah, felt like poker, complete with Tilt(s).

Yup. I am the all-powerful keeper of the rankings. Unless another spreadsheet geek wants to take over.

Right, I am just not sure that anyone can handle another game like last week’s, let alone two more.

Tonight’s Results:

  1. Yeti with chainsaw
  2. Oslo
  3. Mental
  4. Fubbs
  5. Soul
  6. Peek
  7. Root
  8. Meeko
  9. Red
  10. Dag
  11. Crane

:confused: Are you disparaging me? :confused:

I may have to change my name to “bubbleskag” :\

baby my ass. Results

  1. Meeko
  2. Red
  3. Ghost dude
  4. Mental guy
  5. Root ball
  6. Yetiii!!!
  7. Missy
  8. Dag Tomov
  9. Oslo
  10. Crane

Soul - do I need to add you to the spreadsheet or not?

Assuming you’re talking about me, yes, please add me to the spreadsheet, thank you. Will try to attend as often as possible.

Lots of fun last night, thanks for the open invite. As I said then, a free game where the participants also take it seriously is really the best of both worlds.

Hold 'em newbie here. Am I allowed in?

(on second thought…maybe I shouldn’t be advertising my newbie-ness…)

Clarification: we had a player last week that I have as “soul/mousseux1385”. What is his Dope name? (For the spreadsheet.)

Of course. New blood always welcome.

This guy.

So wish I could re-do last nights game tonight.

**In other news, I landed that Census Job. **

I took the test on March 19.

I found out today that I got the job, on April 16.

That’s Government for you, I guess.

But wait, I guess that’s me as well. Oh great.