SDMB Poker Q4 2010 - I just lost "The Game" (and so did you!)

Every Thursday at “10pm Eastern”

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  • SDMB Poker (chez fubbleskag)
  • Site password: cecil

Previous quarter threads/results:

(more about the title, for the uninitiated)

I’m going to try this again. I’ve been playing at Full Tilt quite a bit, and sounds like fun to play with a group of dopers.

I can’t remember my user name or password, and it says my email is already used when I try to make a new account, but no option to get the info sent to that email.

i fucking rawk.

everyone else was in a lesser postion than me.

peek wins.

nibble on that mensa.

That’s about all it is, a nibble.

I only just enabled password recovery this evening - you should be able to get your password by email now. Your username is TheDuke, btw.

When we ask the winner to post the results, generally they’re a little more comprehensive than that.

Start=2010-10-07 22:05:03
Place13=Meeko (0)
Place12=Red_Skeezix (0)
Place11=NFMensa (0)
Place10=CrimeThink (0)
Place9=Oslo_Ostra2 (0)
Place8=MindWanderer (0)
Place7=Tomov (0)
Place6=MentalGuy (0)
Place5=MissyTake (0)
Place4=Ludovic (1950)
Place3=YeticusRex (3315)
Place2=Root (5460)
Place1=peekercpa (8775)
Stop=2010-10-07 23:43:27

and just so that everyone knows. i am a total asshole and and a dick to boot. but crap my cat could have won with the cards i was getting toNight.

Just one more diamond and I woulda had you and your cat.

Congratulations, peek.

Thank ye muchly. Here I was all ready to start the new quarter off right and couldn’t even get my foot in the door.

Great Game Peek…relish your spot for the week…because it’s all downhill from there.

Another “The Game” thread for the game room. Fun.

I really do think that you should be bulletproof against any person you teach the game to.

I told a co-worker about the game, as one of our first conversations we ever had. and well, Insta-lose if I as much as look at him now. And this was back in 2008 three or four “”"“jobs”""" ago. scary thought.

I am going ahead and signing up for tonight, but I don’t know when I will be home from my son’s football game. I apologize if I wind up botting most of it, but I don’t think I will.

OK you pikers, I’m actually IN the GAME this week.

Not that it’ll matter, just sayin’.

Great turnout and a great game. 17 players and level 9!

  1. MentalGuy
  2. Missy
  3. Dag
  4. Meeko
  5. Oslo
  6. Crimethink
  7. Yeti
  8. Ludovic
  9. fubbs
  10. Duke
  11. Asterion
  12. Root
  13. Ghost
  14. Crane
  15. Mensa
  16. Mindwanderer
  17. Red

sorry i missed it. but i should be there for the rest of the quarter. last week was the last thursday night game for this football season.

Is there a way to find the chips won for the top 4/5 players?

Out this week: computer issues. New computer should be in tomorrow, so I’ll see all of you then.

Good luck to all.