SDMB Poker Q4 2010 - I just lost "The Game" (and so did you!)

May be botting the beginning again because of football game. Game is in town though, so shouldn’t have a problem with a lost bus driver.

Looks like the game froze at the break. Maybe next week!

Good for you that it didn’t break for good:

  1. Crane
  2. Yeti
  3. Mensa
  4. Ludovic
  5. Peeker
  6. Oslo
  7. Dag
  8. Root
  9. Crimethink
  10. Missy
  11. Mentalguy
  12. Mindwanderer
  13. Duke

1 MentalGuy 82.8
2 MissTake 77.5
3 Robot Arm 65.6
4 Dag Otto 65.3
5 Yeticus Rex 58.5
6 MindWanderer 58.3
7 CrimeThink 56.0
8 Ludovic 55.1
9 Oslo Ostragoth 53.3
10 notfrommensa 19.9

I finished like 10th last week, I’m a non-issue blip on the radar.

Place4=Meeko (2550)
Place3=Tomov (4335)
Place2=MissyTake (7140)
Place1=MentalGuy (11475)

Place4=MissyTake (1950)
Place3=MentalGuy (3315)
Place2=MindWanderer (5460)
Place1=TheDuke (8775)

the software has an API - next time I’m bored, I’ll cobble together a web page where you can look up tournament results, hand history, and chip counts.

fubbs, in case you didn’t know, MAVENS crashed at least twice during the game on Thursday.

And look at me, in the Peeker DFL position. Yikes.

Well, it turned into a newt for a while, but it got better. Considering all the wailing and gnashing of teeth that our previous hosts caused, Poker Mavens ain’t doing too bad.

fubbs, would it violate our license for you to send me a copy of the server software? Not to change hosts, I’m just curious to see how it works.

Are we going to be ok for this week?

As it turns out, Japan had two internet terminals in the lobby, 10 minutes for 100 yen*. Which would have been 15 bucks or so. If I had more time in Japan [I was only there for 5 days, and even at that, I Was rushed in what I figured I could do.] I probably would have given it some thought. Even with the time difference being closer to 12 hours.

  • I got converted at 1 dollar to 78 yen. Then again, remember that 100 yen is the rough equivalent to the dollar. 100 yen shops being a “Dollar Store”.

I would have thought a modern country like Japan would have had more than two internet terminals.

That’s a good question, but one you’d have to ask asterion

Also, I’ve been having some serious internet issues this week, so apologies in advance if the connection slows (more than usual) or dies completely.

I’ve temporarily disabled the custom cards and table top - let me know if the table loading is any better or not.

Everything is in SYNC again.

13 missy
12 oslo
11 yeti
10 crimethink
9 red
8 mental
7 meeko
6 crane
5 root
4 dag
3 gray ghost
2 Mindwander

  1. NotFrickingMensa Again


1 MentalGuy 76.8
2 MindWanderer 68.1
3 MissTake 68.0
4 Dag Otto 67.0
5 Robot Arm 65.3
6 notfrommensa 56.2
7 Ludovic 55.1
8 Meeko 53.1
9 Yeticus Rex 51.3
10 CrimeThink 50.4
11 Oslo Ostragoth 45.6
12 Craneop2 32.4
13 Red Skeezix 19.6

when I got up this morning my internet was completely dead, so I assumed the worst for poker - but apparently it lasted until about midnight.

Winnings from last night:

Place4=Tomov (1950)
Place3=GGhost149 (3315)
Place2=MindWanderer (5460)
Place1=NFMensa (8775)

fubbs, I don’t think anyone experienced any problems last night.

Chip totals:

  1. MentalGuy 14,790 (4 games)
  2. MindWanderer 10,920 (4 games)
  3. MissyTake 9,090 (4 games)
  4. TheDuke 8,775 (2 games)
  5. NFMensa 8,775 (4 games)
  6. peekercpa 8,775 (2 games)
  7. Tomov 6,285 (4 games)
  8. Root 5,460 (4 games)
  9. GGhost 3,315 (2 games)
  10. YeticusRex 3,315 (4 games)
  11. Meeko 2,550 (3 games)
  12. Ludovic 1,950 (3 games)

and sorry once again folks. but as a lot of you know i am a “roadie” for my kid’s marching band (schlepp stuff all over sotex). the week before last was our last thursday night game. but then we had regionals and made state. so we had practice on thursday. i like you guys a lot but it’s the first time her school has made it to state in 6 years and as a freshman i couldn’t pass the opportunity to be fully involved. and no band from our region has made it to state finals in over thirty years so my priorities have shifted a bit. at least for the next 4 days.

peek- as a former marching band geek, tell your daughter that a random chick on teh interwebz says “Congratulations!!”

my wife’s marching band won nationals in 1995 - I had never even heard of such a thing before I met her.