ATHEISM is DEAD - SDMB Poker - Q1, 2010


Tonight’s Results:

  1. Yeti
  2. Fubb
  3. Missy
  4. Oslo
  5. Dag
  6. Root
  7. Peek
    We’re now using Poker Mavens software (courtesy of Asterion), which means no need for depositing money…just Dopers doing what Dopers always do…Talk smack, play hard, have quite a few laughs, and even spoon each other in a big circle afterwords.

You are SO invited!

And you former players pleading poverty…no more excuses! Get yo arses in here! It’s free…PM Asterion and so he can set you up with party favors and lube! (aka…password)

Last Quarter’s Thread…gratz on last quarter’s win, Missy!..our Mistress of the Poker Whip.

Ah crap, I totally forgot today was thursday.:smack:

Thursday again, people.
Be there or be square, bubs.

And the school of hard knocks continues…

  1. Yeti
  2. Missy
  3. Oslo
  4. Root
  5. Dag
  6. Fubb

111 hands, about 30 of them were heads up.

Missy, give me the whip…my turn to redden the cheeks around here.

I am just posting to mention that I almost deleted this thread out of pure reflex as soon as I saw the first part of the title.

It’s gotten a bit like skeet shooting here for the moderators lately. Shoot first, ask questions later.:slight_smile:

It’s the honey and vinegar mixture we constantly switch every quarter to attract the fish, er flies.

i’ll be there tonight representing the cannon fodder element.

don’t freaking compliment her too much, fcs. she’s liable to get a big head.

Tonight’s Results:

  1. peeker
  2. MentalGuy
  3. Red Skeezix
  4. Oslo
  5. fubble
    Where was everyone?

the republicans are back.

i, of course, rocked the world.

yep, i won.

  1. fub

  2. oslo

  3. skeez

  4. mental guy

and of course the champion.


The first standings of the new quarter:

1 Oslo Ostragoth 47.7
2 fubbleskag 43.7

A genuine battle royal. :smiley:

I’m sorry, guys. I was feeling under the weather.

I plan on being the bitch in charge again this Thursday.


Big game tonight - 8 playas!

8 meeko
7 peek
6 missy
5 mental
4 yeti
3 dag
2 red
1 me, of course


1 Yeticus Rex 80.05
2 Oslo Ostragoth 64.5
3 Miss Take 58.5
4 peekercpa 51.6
5 Dag Otto 47.0
6 fubbleskag 43.7

Time for a federal Yeti license…

What’s the schedule for this like? How open are you to fresh meat?



Oslo, would I have had 100.0 if I won my third game? Is that the limit?

Thursdays at 10:00 Eastern. New players welcome - we picked up five since the beginning of the last quarter. We play at for play money. More info in last quarter’s thread:

You would have scored 87.5. If you won every 10,000 seat tournament you entered, you would score 99.99, or if you finished last you would score .0099, so the max possible score approaches 1 and the min approaches 0. (Had to blow the dust off my calculator to figure that. :smiley: )

(For the terminally curious, if you won every heads up tourney you played, you would score 66.7. The loser would score 33.3.)

Terminally curious? I never quite heard it put that way. Here I was, I went the curious as a Raccoon route.

Plan on being with you guys tonight again. Sans the Aces full of kings that I went all in against. :smack:

What were the odds of Big Slick with that board? How was I to know he was sandbagging me?

Better a sandbag than a teabag, I guess. :eek:

(Can I say that ?)

Who won last night?