Bow Down: It's Poker Time! SDMB Poker 2nd Q '08

Since no one else would start the fnarking thread…

Results from tonight’s wild and rambunctuous game:

Winner: Me, of course (knowing full well that I will be bringing the suckage next week)
2nd: Dag Otto
3rd: Duckie of Suckie
4th: Oslo
5th: Kyyyy
6th: Robot Arm

Now someone else can link the past quarters. I must go bask in my come from behind win.

The Beginning

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Maybe I’ll see you guys next week. (Had something far more important to finish this week.)

Here we go again:

1st: Duckage of Suckage
2nd: ME
3rd: Oslo
4th: Kyy
5th: Root
6th: Dag

If you don’t get your p-whipped ass in next week, there will be serious consequences!

A great heads-up battle. Congrats to Duke and Missy.

Uh, I was stuck in New Orleans for an extra night due to stupid American and didn’t get in until Thursday. Then I had to wait for my girlfriend (who spent Wednesday stuck in DFW) to actually make it into the same airport (so much for our original plans) later in the day, wait for an hour just to learn that they don’t really know where her luggage is, and drive an hour back to Las Cruces from El Paso. At that point it was already past game time and we had to go to Wal-Mart just so she could buy a few things to make it through to whenever her luggage might finally show up (it hasn’t so far.)

I should be in next week.

Yeesh. Travel in hell. Glad things mostly worked out.


7 dag (what’s up, dude)
6 Oslo (no explanation needed)
5 ast (to be expected: he’s distracted by domestic turmoil)
4 kyy (still hung over from national champ celebrations)
3 missy (who we find out is a prude)
2 root (getting back into quarter-winning form)
1 duckage of suckage (who totally caught cards all night, but also killed in the SnG’s)

and the first standings of the quarter:

1 Duke of Rat 80.3
2 Miss Take 75.2
3 Robot Arm 46.5
4 Oslo Ostragoth 43.2
5 Kyyrewyyoae 41.1
6 Dag Otto 40.2

Nice for Duke and Missy, but the rest of us blow chunks. Shoulda had a V-8.

Still doing baseball practices/games on Thursdays at 7pm PDT…last scheduled game is in mid-May.

AAAnnnnndddd here we go again.

Sucking up the back is Duck in last place
Dealing with outside turmoil obviously threw Ast of his game, and he came in 6th.
Robot Arm came in 5th (nothing pithy here)
Always a bridesmaid, never in the money is Oslo, ending in 4th. Maybe if he cut off the ponytail -
After much back and forth (“I’m winning, I’m losing, I’m winning, I’m losing”) Kyy rakes in almost two shiny dimes.

That leaves Dag Otto and moi. He thought he had me with trip 6’s (hmmm, 666. A sign?). But I had the better kicker. (OBVIOUSLY a sign)

So, not to leave you few readers in suspense, I won. Heh.

What, I don’t even have enough of a personality to insult.

That’s just kinda sad, isn’t it?

Okay, how’s this:

In 5th place is our resident Sir Robot, he of the dyslexic “In” and lurvely shrubbery! All hail Sir Robot!



1 Miss Take 79.1
2 Duke of Rat 71.4
3 Dag Otto 51.9
4 Kyyrewyyoae 47.4
5 Oslo Ostragoth 45.0
6 Robot Arm 44.4

Obviously, somebody has to kill that beeyatch. It ain’t looking good for most of us.

I won a follow up SnG! Yay me!

Dude, you need to create something (apparently).

Watch me tremble in fear.


Last night at FullTilt I placed 21/683 - it was 3:15 in the morning and I was nodding off at the keyboard. Let myself die out. My last hand I had 7k chips, majority of table had anywhere between 30 - 130K. Just take it, please.

At around 1:30 I did a no-no. I told the table I was exhausted, was going all in with my next crap hand. Get dealt 83o. Shove my mediocre stack in, three others call.

Flop: 883.

Shit. One player started blasting me. Dude, it’s 8 friggin 3 offsuit. Dynamo hand, right.

Blasting you for what? You said you were just trying to leave, kept to your word, and hit the miracle flop. I mean, I’d be annoyed, too, but I’d curse the Poker Gods, not you.

Did that ill-mannered blackguard have the best hand of the three callers; would he have won anything even if you hadn’t come up like a rose?

Quadrupling up was a nice touch.

Heh. Hit some SnG’s for a 1st and a 3rd Saturday night for $0.63. We gotta go after these guys.

He had TJo. One of the others had QQ - he would have won. Don’t remember what the last player had. TJo jerkwad was severely decimated, ended up out fairly quickly.

Maybe we should start a “Sitting On Our Asses, Ain’t Got A Life” Saturday night rout of the SnG’s. :smiley:

What’s your screen name on Full Tilt, MissTake? I play there a lot.