Speculation Drives UP the Price of Poker by 10%!!! SDMB Poker - 3rd Qtr. 2008

The price of oil.
The price of fruit and vegetables.
The price of a cheezeburger dat ur kittah krayvz.
Everything’s up…except the housing market and the dollar…eck.

It could drive one insane, but there are guilty pleasures in life…like poker.

But dammit, going from 10 cents to 11 cents for our table game seems almost…absurd. That is until you win last quarter’s SDMB poker tournament. Sure, it was done with only 3 appearances which was the bare minimum to get ranked. Sure, I could have spent more than 33 whole cents to risk my 1st place standing to the rest of the sharkies in our little ocean. But then one must consider other priorities in life…

Like the price of violin lessons.
The price of baseball seasons.
The price of being a husband and a father.
And of course, the price of oil.

Well, that 33 cents turned into 63 cents through speculation against the best of the best…Asterion, Dag, Duck, Kyy, Missy, Oslo, and the dreaded Root. The Yeti learned how to make the most of what little he had…time. With the idea that “Less is More”, the Yeti prevailed.


Now the Yeti will risk that 63 cents and hopefully turn it into $1.22. Some speculate in oil…while the smart money is in the speculation of poker players.

Join us for some speculating…here’s our shaded and soiled past…get familiar with our little cozy corner of the market…

The Beginning

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Our games are every Thursday, 10 pm Eastern, 7pm Pacific. If you are interested in joining a very fun loving and entertaining group of salted nuts, you have arrived at your destination…post here if your interested and we will fill you in on the details…or just feign mild interest from Railbird Lobby and holler at us, we’ll gladly tip our hats in your direction.

And now a word from our sponsor.

Who dat?

My brewery of choice…courtesy of Beer Advocate and Silenus at our SoCal Dopefest last May.

If we have a sponsor, when do I get my hat and card protector?

Mod killed my thread, so here we go into another exciting quarter of SDMB poker!

Err, and the results of the first game this quarter, a pitiably small game*:

4 ast-bot
3 Robot Arm
2 Oslo
1 Cult of the Rat, who threatens to win a couple of times more, then quit for the quarter.

At one point in the game, ast was a serious threat to bot his way into second place,as Root and I had significantly fewer chips.

Because of Duke’s threats, I did a little research, and the quarter-winning rankings that I could track are as follows: 72.3, 76.1, 71.1, 73.2, 74.0, 73.5, 68.7, 67.5, 63.0, 70.1, 67.8, and 65.5, with an average of 70.7.

I observe that winning scores have gone down as the average number of participants has gone down. It looks to me like a score of 70 would likely win a quarter now.

*IIRC, dag is on vacation, but where were ast, Missy, yeti and kyy?

My excuse…I took the kids to Mammoth/June Lake for the weekend and I was packing up the car for the Friday 6:00 am departure.

And yes, we had a great time.

Decisions, decisions. Let’s see:

Sitting at my kitchen table, staring at a screen, drinking soda, typing away to foul mouthed he-men in hopes of winning a dime or two. This is after take out, since it was too damn hot to cook in my air-conditionerless home.


At the cabin, with my family, sitting down on the dock, drinking a beer, watching fireworks, listening to birdsongs and the haunting call of the loons that call our lake home. This is after dining on grilled corn on the cob, hobo taters, and the juiciest steak I can remember.

Sorry, guys. I know, I made the wrong decision.

At least you are big enough to own up to it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually, if I had the same choice, I would have erred as well.

Tonight’s standings…

  1. Yeti
  2. Kyy
  3. Missy
  4. Root
  5. Duck
  6. Oslo
  7. Ast

My apologies to all… :wink:

I request that the phrase “Duck RULZ” be banned from the tourney.
Duke… duck… whatever.

Results tonight:

6 missy
5 ast
4 root
3 Oslo
2 duck
1 kyy

A terrific heads up game at the end. Kyy was in “Jaws” mode all night.

First standings of the quarter when I get to it.

I tried to get to the computer last night, but the BBQ’d steak and chicken and homegrown vegetables (including my first batch of sweet white corn) said “Hell no! Sit yo ass here and eat us…all of us!” And the bottle of cabernet also told me to drink it…all of it. Urp.

I would have been easy pickens for the likes of you guys…

I will be in Hawaii next week…and thinking of you guys while on the golf course, or walking a black sand (or green sand!) beach, or when Pele comes knockin’ at the Volcano, or when I gaze at the stars on top of Mauna Kea. Oh, pity me.

First standings of the quarter:

1 Duke of Rat 67.1
2 Oslo Ostragoth 49.5
3 Robot Arm 44.4
4 Asterion 20.6

Did anyone see the first WSOP event? Down to the last three and it was pocket sixes against pocket nines against pocket queens. Two all-ins pre-flop.

Only the queens flopped a set this time, though.

Oslo - sign in 30 minutes early tomorrow - we can set up a private table to fund you.
Or, conversely, I’ll probably be there in 30 minutes tonight.

Two games tonight? I think I’ll sign up for Duck’s game, since it’s the cheaper buy-in.

Latest results:

  1. Asterion
  2. Kyyrewyyoae
  3. MissTake
  4. RobotArm
  5. Dag Otto
  6. Oslo Ostragoth
  7. Nanook of the North
  8. Duke of Rat

And the standings:

1 Kyyrewyyoae 80.1
2 Duke of Rat 57.8
3 Miss Take 52.5
4 Asterion 51.5
5 Robot Arm 47.5
6 Oslo Ostragoth 45.9

Kyy is having a hell of a quarter. If he quits now, he will likely win it. (But I hope he will keep playing.)

The Duke took some nasty hits late in his game, leading to his early exit. 2nd to last hand, I hit quads, and a boat finished him off.

I am looking forward to the smackdown between the Duke of Rat and Death to Rats. Pistols or swords?

It’s nice that Nook could make it back. We were almost to double figures in number of people playing!

Ast makes a huge comeback.

WTF? I’m in last place???

Interesting time at the sit-n-go last night. There was one guy, and he was on my left, who played like a drunken sailor. he got a huge chip lead early (I don’t remember if it was luck, skill, or stupidity from the other players) and was betting wildly on about 80% of the hands. There were a lot of marginal hands I would have limped with, but folded because I expected him to come over the top with 8x the big blind, or something. Fortunately, he did this so early that the blinds were still small and I could bide my time. But I was waiting and hoping for someone to put the smackdown on him. Missy concurred.

It took a while, but he came back down to earth. I wish I could claim sole credit, but I think everyone at the table took a few chunks out of his hide (except that one guy who was trying to 'bot his way to the money). I finally had top pair with a middling kicker and bet. He raised huge. I contemplated for a bit, called all-in, and he had squat.

Good game. It came down to Missy and me at the end, and then,… Nah, you wouldn’t believe it anyway.


You won.

But I shall get my revenge! BWAH HA HA HA HA!!!

I will have a say in this.

Oh, and Hawai’i was awesome.