Suck My Tar Balls Through Your Vuvuzela - SDMB Poker - Q3, 2010

Ok, Not From Mensa pretty much spewed his oily mass over our collective cowbells, so therefore we’re breaking out the vuvuzelas to break his balls this quarter.

Any newbies can join…just post here to get on our radar so we can PM you.

Here’s last Quarter’s pokerlogical disaster recorded in super 2D lettering.

More cowbell? Hell no!
More Vuvuzela!

OK . I get it Yeti!!. We would love and appreciate new players. But do we really need vuvuzelas?

Isn’t Peeker enough?

Yes, vuvuzelas…it’s that bad.

Ah, and we play here on on a private server courtesy of fubbleskag.

and all i really want to add to the train wreck of a quarter that just ended is:

thank og for meeko. lol.

just digging, my friend.

Its Poker Night! Lets Buzz it out your Vuvuzela!

I think you should have a doctor check that out.

Right, I’ll do you for that.

I’m not letting my doctor touch my vuvuzela.

and I just got the necessary fixins for Bloody Mary’s (at the annual 4th of July Brunch). With a brand new bottle of tobasco courtesy of the SDMB poker league.

V-8 juice
Absolut vodka
Worsteshire Sauce

Ready to start defense of my title tonight.

Defense of my title is set:

13 yeti 
12 kitch 
11 ghost 
10 meeko 
9 mental guy 
8 fuubs 
7 oslo 
6 crane 
5 missy 
4 dag 
3 root 
2 frosty 
1 No Thumbs Mensa

I don’t think anyone would want to touch your vuvuzela…(NSFW)

More than likely will NOT be in tomorrow night.

WSOP hand of the day from Tuesday:

"All-in pre-flop Paulo Rink, a PokerStars qualifier from Brazil, turned over pocket kings. Next to him though was Brandon Adams who had called with pocket aces leaving Rink looking for help. He got it. The door card was a king, but as the rest of the flop emerged an ace also featured. Queue that ‘punched in the stomach’ noise from everyone at the table and all those who’d heard that noise and leapt chairs to see for themselves.

But this hand wasn’t done just yet. The turn card may have blanked the Brazilian but the river card didn’t, a fourth king giving Rink quads, Adams great pain and everyone else a good story."

From the PokerStars blog.

Dammit, I keep forgetting this:

You keep forgetting that " a ", from the looks of it, as well. [Hold’em is A contest]

Oh, and based on how last quarter went, I tend to agree with him.

Apparently, playable (not premium, mind you) playable hands are on the increase.

Storms in the area tonight. sometimes it knock my internet out. That would be the only reason why I won’t be there.

I have tried all week in Full Tilt Free Rolls. I have had rotten luck. I doubt it will be my week tonight. Come and get me.

Results for tonight

12 mental guy
11 fubs
10 ghost
9 crane
8 frosty
7 dag
6 yeti
5 missy
4 red
3 mensa
2 root

And the winner:

1 oslo!

And in spite of the worst you could have had it tonight, you would have still beaten me.

Unquantified leaders so far:

NFM (fucking yawn - I’ve seen this show, yadda, yadda, yadda)
RobotArm - the Boston bulldog
Oslo - wait - what?
Frosted Glass
Red Skeezix

I think most of us would have preferred that NFM lose power sometime in level one…

Lets hope it is a summer full of repeats.