The just HAS to be Blood Bowl Players on SDMB!

Any of you slack jawed pussy wimps play the manly game of Blood Bowl?

The latest just came out for the PC available on Steam. First time released in the U.S. I think. Playing online, I see many Frenchies, Deutschlanders and Spanish dudes but no one from the U.S. yet.

Yeah, I started a thread when it came out a few months ago, then it got resurrected with someone accusing me of being a sock created to shill the game.

I used to play the miniatures version when I was in High School. Fun stuff. I’ll play it if they make an iPhone app.

I’m a player of the game, and in Europe, so it’s been out for a good while to tool around in (I also played on fumbbl, though). Great fun, plus lizzies are in it, so i’m happy.

I have a team rolled up on the BB server…Bitten Ear (an orc team).

I’m not very good…lost like 4 in a row…but then drew the last 2 (and should have one the last one as I had a 5 in 6 chance of making a TD)…so I think I am getting better.

Wouldn’t mind playing against some Dopers. Maybe get some strategy discussions going and all that stuff :slight_smile:

Blood Bowl made me a sexual tyrannosaurus. Seriously, I cut my teeth on the board game. Haven’t played the new computer game.


I like the face to face game but have never played the computer version. By the time I was hard up enough for a game, fumbbl was out of synch with the living rule book rules. Does the new software at least replicate the Living Rule book rules?

Why don’t you strap this to your sore ass?

Sorry, I’ll be leaving now. I have no idea what Blood Bowl is, I just wanted to get in on the Predator quoting action.

From 2003?

The computer game.

I would get it, but Steam refuses to take my money so I’m still waiting for the XBox release.

I think Simplico meant that it’d be odd for someone to consider you a sock when your join date is 2003.

Oh, yeah, I guess he figured Games Workshop thinks long term.

I bought the computer game, but it doesn’t seem to be related in any way to the board game which NEVER HAD A RELEASE AFTER THE SECOND EDITION AND THIS FACT IS NOT SUBJECT TO DISCUSSION.

Whether the Dungeonbowl supplement to the second edition exists? That, we’ll discuss.

It also loaded up my system with SecuRom malware which required me to reformat my hard drive to get rid of.

I played the board game a long time ago and I’m considering importing the DS game if I can find a decent deal on it. One of the stumbling blocks for me is that all the reaction to it I can find is either “I can’t figure it out!” or “OMG! It’s Blood Bowl!” which is no help in evaluating if the portable version has a decent feature set.

That’ll do. Any ETA on this version?

It’s playable, but you’re often fighting the interface. Much the same as the PC version. It’s a game that looks hard to design a good interface for, and this is better than the previous version, but gods know it’s not the easiest thing to deal with and a couple of times I’ve decided not to boot it up because I don’t want to deal with the interface.

Currently Dec 10 in Australia. This, however, is the fourth release date I’ve seen for it. If you’re looking on release calendars it’s sometimes called “Warhammer: Blood Bowl”

I’ve seen November (didn’t happen), Q4 2009, and 12 January 2010 as possible dates. So I’m betting on late January.

Thanks. It sounds like if I can find it for around seven or eight pounds it’ll be worth the expense of importing it to the US (which is another five or six pounds on its own) but not much more than that.