Anyone else remember "Student Bodies"?

When I was 14 or so this showed up on Showtime or HBO. My friends and I laughed our butts off at it. A friend just lent me the tape (given to him by a co-worker!) and I just watched it for the for the first time in close to 20 years. More details can be found here. The user comments nail it. All the really funny bits I remember are from the first 20-30 minutes of the movie. I couldn’t even remember who the killer was, and the ending does offer a ridiculous twist, some 25 years before The Sixth Sense. :wink:

Highlights include:
“Here’s breather”

“Did you hang up?”
“No, I just said click.”

“How are you disguising your voice?”
“I’m talking through a rubber chicken.”

“Sometimes Malvert pee red.”

“Horsehead bookends, horsehead bookends, horsehead bookends…”

I did a search and kaylasdad seems to be the only poster who’s seen it. I laughed a couple times, but it really is a pretty bad movie, bad in a bad way, unfortunately. <sigh> Another childhood memory dashed.

I remember seeing that I think my freshman year in High School. I was at a friends house who had cable and that show came on. I recall very little about the movie other than the ending being a take of on the Wizard of Oz. Also, I remember having the hots for the star, whereas my friend liked one of the other chicks who didn’t make it to the end of the flick.

Forgot to add, it had that weird guy as the janitor, who I thought was billed as “the Human Rubber Band”, but according to the IMDB, is listed as “the Stick.” He had very long arms and legs and looked very surreal when walking and grabbing things.

I had this on video in high school. We were living in a third world country with very limited television options so we watched a lot of tapes. I remember thinking this was funny when I was 16 but I’d probably cringe at it now. All I really remember is “horsehead bookends.”

We also had Caddyshack and Airplane which held up much better to repeated viewings.

I remember this one! Very bad! :smiley:

I remember as the female lead was undressing in the locker room…her sweater had a button that said “No.” Then her bra strap had another button that said “I said no!” or something like that. I thought the movie could have been made much better by the inclusion of copious amounts of gratuitous nudity.

“Talking? During Horsehead bookends?”

“That not punch! Sometimes Malvert pee red!”

(After corpse-farting scene) “Where am I? (sniff, sniff) Cleveland?”



Rimshots during voiceovers.

“Aww. You started without me.”

I saw it as an adult in the eighties and thought it was hilarious, and I probably still would today. A couple of my favorite scenes:

Breather climbing the stairs and stepping in chewing gum. (“I’d like to kill the kid with the gum!”)

Housewife picks up the phone and hangs up in a combination of horror and disgust upon hearing Breather heavily breathing into the phone. The phone rings again immediately. She picks it up and he says “I said…(more heavy breathing).”

I just saw about the last half hour of this movie again a few weeks ago. It turns up every once in a while on one or another of the movie channels. Still has its moments, but suffered from a lot of the same problems as other horror spoofs before and since. The gravest of which is that it made absolutely no sense whatsoever.

I fondly recall the scene where an announcer breaks into the middle of a scene to say “fuck you” to the audience to garner an R rating, the flashing victim numbers and The Breather passing over a number of murder weapons to settle upon a paper clip.

My highschool drama teacher (Kay Ogden) played the english teacher, Ms. LeClaire.

That’s about all I remember about it… I’m not really sure I actually ever saw the movie. Damn, I hated that teacher.

I love this movie!

“How about an eggplant!”

watching the girls in the lockerroom
“I’m taking of my paaaants”
“I’m doing what my mommy told me not tooooo”

“Why am i wearing galoshes, it’s not even raining”

“Funerals get me hot”

and the best non-line scene where the guy leaves his date to go get condoms. When he returns and see’s she’s dead, he shrugs, tosses them away and jumps on her.

I so remember this movie from High school or maybe Jr. High. I still use the “Did you hang up? No, I just said click.” with some of my friends from teh same era. Oh man…that was such a lame movie that I watched it lots of times.


Is this the movie that starts with the narrator saying something like

This movie is based on true events.
27 horror films were released last year.
None of them lost money.

Don’t mind me, I was expecting the TV series.

I knew I couldn’t be the only one. My wife lasted about half the way through and went to bed. Sometimes I just don’t understand her. Of course, the funniest bits were all done at that point. She told me to tell her who the killer was. I think I’ll make her watch it all the way through to find out. :smiley:

Zebra, you got it.

My favorite part was always the first girls’ lockerroom scene where Breather does the “Boobies boobies boobies” chant, but I had forgotten the one where he takes it out of his pants nd does what his mother told him not to do. Hi - lair - ee - us.

Heh. I don’t even do vanity searches, and I find myself being invoked.

Love this flick. Best horror-genre spoof I’ve ever seen. I will hastily note that I haven’t seen the Scary Movie trilogy.

I especially enjoyed the blind guy with his guide dog driving the van for him, and the dad repairing the fried chicken with a rubber band.

I must have seen it a dozen times, but not recently. Fun movie. Much better than the recent series of spoofs.