Anyone else tired of throwback uniforms?

The novelty has worn off. The New York Jets yesterday dressed as the New York Titans? Why? There is no nostalgia for a 3 year AFL team.

I’m also tired of baseball teams dressing in other uniforms. It gets very confusing when they’re wearing a uniform of an old Negro League team, for example.

Just my opinion.

I saw a bit of the “Titans” game. The worst thing was that those uniforms were just plain ugly–like a UCLA uniform with the shading all wrong.

I know that the uniforms were planned long before Favre was signed by the Jets but to me it just seemed like another marketing angle to get more #4 jerseys out there. Problem is, nobody will want to be seen in those abominations.

I like the throwbacks. I’m curious to see how the old stuff would look IRL instead of in old photos.

I will continue to hope against hope that the Buccaneers wear the old Orlando Rage (XFL) uniforms for the league’s next throwback day instead of the red/orange/white.

Then I can wear mine.

To be honest, I don’t understand the whole “throwback” thing. If you want to honor the old uniforms, just design some of their elements into the current ones.

The Bucs did this very cleverly by incorporating an orange outline into the jersey numbers and a tiny orange pinstripe on the jersey pants (when they switched to red and pewter), along with the orange football on the new team logo (the skull and crossed swords pirate flag).

The Bears do this very badly by simply wearing the same uniforms (apparently) they’ve had since about 1975. They were ugly then and they’re ugly now.

By contrast, Manchester United played in their late-50s kit for the anniversary of the Munich air crash recently, and I thought it looked incredibly good compared to modern kits. I was able to watch them for almost 15 minutes without the bile rising, which is pretty much unprecedented.

Just so long as the cheerleaders don’t don long skirts and big bulky sweaters, I OK with it.

Back when the NFL was having its 75th anniversary, all the team wore uniforms from back when they joined the league. I definitely enjoyed it. Of course my team, the Cleveland Browns, wore a uniform that was 95% identical (I think only the typeface changed) (and still hasn’t changed much–talk about conservative).

That worked then because all teams were doing it. Sporadic stuff you seen now seems rather ad hoc.

Feh. (Association) football kit looks pretty much the same now as it did then. The only difference is now they’re polyester (or whatever uberfabric Nike is hocking this week) instead of cotton.

And the sponsors’ logos.

It can bring out the real essence, the true feelings some teams are trying to portray. For instance, have you ever seen the Eagles look… prettier?

Could be worse. At least nobody’s trying to go in the other direction anymore.

I realize I’m in the minority, I would find this incredibly hot. So there. (Love your location, though, Zebra!)

On the thread topic, I’m with Pleonast. The throwbacks are great fun when it’s done league-wide on special rare occasions.

Otherwise, it’s just silly. Not even fun-silly, just marketing-down-your-throat-silly.

I am with Bearflag70 all the way. I love seeing old MLB uniforms in real life and not in faded or B&W photos. It gives me the chance to get a more complete feel for the way my father grew up watching the game.

With the NFL I am largely indifferent unless the Jets start pulling out those awful looking things more often.

I actually like the Jet’s throwbacks more than their regular green n’ white, which to me just looked like they’d been frequently thrown skidding across the turf.

I’m OK with throwback uniforms, as long as both teams are in throwbacks.
I’m even OK with them being ugly, as long as it’s not my team. That way I can laugh at the ugly uniforms.

I really like this Steelers throwback

I also like how the Jets adopted the throwback as the regular uni, the Chargers went back to white helmets, and the Giants went back to the “NY” logo.

If Favre is gonna throw a half-dozen TDs every time he has a Jets throwback on this year, I am perfectly ok with them.

The fact that I have him on my fantasy team has NOTHING to do with this… ok that’s a complete fabrication…

Do the Bucs ever wear their throwbacks anymore?

They’re being overused, but I do like them. In some cases they bring a lot of variety and go against league trends - in the MLB, everbody seems to be moving toward red and gray, and in the NFL everybody’s using dark colors without much contrast. I know it’s a ploy to drive up jersey sales, but they’re fine as a change of pace. In a few cases the throwbacks are better than what the teams are currently wearing, but the Jets are absolutely not one of those teams.

Come on, dude, they also had uniform numbers on the side of the helmet. Talk about a radical redesign! :wink:

No: apparently Malcolm Glazer absolutely hated them. It’s kind ofa shame, because that’s one of the uniforms that I think would be fun to see on the field once a season or so.

There are some teams which just have good throwbacks: The Chargers’ powder blues are fantastic looking, the Bills throwbacks look good, and the Pat’s red uniforms with Pat the Patriot on the helmet all look pretty good. On the flip side, the Steelers, Eagles and Jets all have hideously garish ones.

Not once since the “image makeover” in '97.