Anyone following the College World Series?

OSU is right next door, and my uncle is a professor emeritus there. I am following the series with excitement. Not as much excitement if my alma mater were in the hunt, but it’s fun nonetheless. The end of last night’s game was classic baseball. I’m looking forward to tonight.

Anyone else watching?

Not since the Florida Gators got eliminated last week. Last year, though, they won their first College World Series. This was just months after the Cubs won the World Series!

I live near Omaha so I follow the games every year. My daughter was at the game Wednesday night. She was sitting with a bunch of Arkansas fans but her and her boyfriend were rooting for Oregon State. She said her boyfriend had a blast rubbing it in after the missed catch and OSUs comeback win.

Alas, the hog calling has ceased… It was exciting for a day or two.

It’s funny. The College World Series is usually so low key that I forget it even exists. This year I keep being reminded of it as people mention it on the radio and I see it advertised on TV. Did they decide to start promoting it more this year, or did something else happen to make it more noteworthy? Or am I just personally noticing it for the first time?

Congrats to the Beavers! Its a great accomplishment and we kept the title within the Pac 12.

Woo-hoo! There shall be localized but fun shenanigans. :smiley:

I like college ball. After major league got so friggin’ expensive, I spent several years going to almost every home game for my alma mater. It was awesome. Seats right on the first base line and at the time they had an impressive roster of players, several of whom went on to play MLB. I need to try farm league. It might feel the same.