Anyone get a survey from the NRA?

It’s kind of odd. I do own guns, but I’ve never contacted the NRA. Nor do I get any gun publications. I don’t hunt, or belong to any shooting clubs. I target shoot on my own private property.

I sent the NRA an email about it. I’m just sort of surprised. My mailing address is different than my home address. I’m just a little surprised to receive the survey. Perhaps my Father put my name down, but I doubt it. I don’t think he belongs to the NRA. [Seinfeld]Not that there is anything wrong with that[/Seinfeld]

All of my guns are hand me downs. 10-20 years old purchased in another state before I even had this address.

Data is data. But I generally play things pretty close to my chest when it comes to my address and interests.

Anybody else get one of these NRA surveys? It clearly stated that “As a Gun owner…”

I get a survey every once in awhile, and the occasional NRA “OMG Hillary Clinton and her Democrats wanna take your guns!!!1!!1” membership drive/survey phone call.

I am not a gun owner (or NRA member), but I do support the second amendment. I don’t know where they got my address or phone number, but if I had to guess… maybe from my Reason magazine subscription? Or something like that.

Also, maybe you are listed somewhere as a registered Republican/Libertarian? Who knows. They certainly try to target their audience, but maybe they just used a shotgun (heh) approach and mass mailed the “As a gun owner” surveys hoping to get a few hits.

Unaffiliated myself. The only magazines we get are National Geo, and some running and triathlon magazines.

But, yes I suppose it is a ‘shotgun’ approach.

It’s a very yes/no type of survey. Would the NRA not include answers that don’t support gun ownership? Maybe I’m being naive, but I don’t think so.

Gotta look at the questions are worded too. Surveys and data collectors can predict outcomes.


Kind of interesting though. My mailing address is in one of the most democratic counties in Colorado. Though I live in one of the most conservative counties in Colorado.

It’s a bit odd. The way that the survey is worded, I really, really doubt that it would be sent to anyone that is not ‘pro’ gun. I am ‘pro’ gun but will almost certainly vote democratic for other reasons.

Buy any ammunition or supplies at a gun shop or online recently? Retailers are fairly likely o sell their customer information. Or know someone more into gun culture who might have filled out a little card at a gun show to have “information” sent to a friend?