What assumptions do you make when you see an NRA sticker on a car or truck? (Poll)

I just got my renewal for my NRA membership in the mail. With it comes another set of sticker for a car window. I would like to put them on my car, but am concerned as to the image that this would project.

So, I would like to poll my fellow dopers to get your input on this.

I don’t want this to be a discussion about gun ownership. Suffice it to say, that I agree strongly with what the NRA stands for. I don’t want to debate the merits of the organization. This isn’t GD.

Scenario 1:
So, if you are holding a job interview and see me pulling in at the parking lot of the job fair with my NRA sticker on my vehicle, what if anything do you think?

Are you anti-gun folks less likely to hire me?

Are you pro-second ammendment folks more likely to hire me?

Does anybody care?

Scenario 2:
I am trying to pull into your lane on the highway and you see the NRA sticker on my back windshield. What do you do?

Are you more likely to let me in, or cut me off?

Are you any less likely to flip me off if I deserve it?

Scenario 3:
You are a new friend/acquantance/coworker of mine. You get into my car because a group of us are going to lunch together. You see the NRA sticker.

Will you think differently of me after seeing it?

Would you ask about it, or comment on it?

I live in liberal and anti-gun (for the most part) Massachusetts and work in the high tech industry, if that matters any. I know how I feel when I see an pro-life bumper sticker on a car. I was wondering if NRA membership would be something I want to announce to the world every day. I am not going to base my decision on this thread exactly. I had just been thinking about it and wanted to see what people thought.

My first impression of someone with an NRA sticker is that they’re a redneck, especially if they’re driving a truck.

Well, there’s a time to educate people about how guns are not all evil and there are good reasons to own them and all that. And then there’s a time to smile and nod politely. To me, sticking any sticker on your car means your willing to give up the option of smiling and nodding politely…

If anybody is into anything enough to paste messages about it on their vehicle then I assume that they are probably obsessed with that thing. It doesn’t matter if that thing is a gun or a breed of dog or a recreational activty. If you feel the need to post a billboard about your interest on your car than you are a little TOOO involved.

As for it being gun related, I would assume that the person pretty much lives and breaths for guns and guns alone.

Why else would you feel the need to advertise your interest in guns to a bunch of strangers who could not care less.

When I see an NRA sticker on a car, I assume the driver or someone in his or her family is a member of the NRA.

The only thing that I tend to assume is that the guy is a hunter. This assumption wouldn’t cause me to think anything more or less of the men.

I assume that the driver is a supporter of That Man in the White House, and his socialistic National Recovery Act program, and is guiding this once-fine nation to hell in a handbasket!

[sub](stomping away muttering about Henry Wallace and Bolsheviks and how that name was probably changed from “Rosenfeld”)[/sub]

I don’t own a gun, I don’t really care to own one, I have no intention of ever owning one, and I really feel that gun laws need to be stricter.

That being said, the only thing I think when I see an NRA sticker is that this guy is a hunter. Or likes guns.

Big deal. Guns ain’t my bag, so what?


Wow. A lot of negative, nasty, ill-informed “assumptions”.

I have a Life Member sticker on my Grand Am. In fact, I am a Benefactor level member.

I’m not a redneck, I’m not a Republican , I don’t “live for guns”. Heck, I don’t hold to all of their positions either, just as I don’t expect members of political parties to slavishly follow their party line.

So why do I advertise it? Because some of you people obviously need to see that “real people” belong to the NRA as well.

(And heck, when I lived in a bad neighborhood, it DID serve to disuade a few bad guys from bothering me further. And NO, I do not carry a gun or have one in my car. EVER. (well, except on the way to the range and back.))

Actually the only one of those was Indygrrl assuming the guy was a “red-neck”. I get so sick of hearing that insult thrown around. I think that Ukulele Ike was joking.

Well, I see a lot of redneck shit here in Indiana. Most of the NRA stickers I have seen are right next to the gun rack and the Calvin pissing sticker on the back window of an inflated pick-up truck.

I know that not all gun owners are rednecks, but it’s hard to deny the relationship.

I assume that you are pro-gun.

Really couldn’t give a rats ass. I don’t own any guns, I never will own any guns and I think Charlton Heston is a jerk. If someone wants to place themselves in potential danger, go for it. Just don’t force your ideals on me.

What do you mean by redneck shit?

I really do hate that term and it is the second time I have read it today on this board to imply that some undesirable characteristic could be associated mainly with people from the south.

I don’t mean to pick on you Indygrrl, it just gets under my skin is all.

The South? I’m talking about Indiana.

Redneck is usually a term used to refer to Southerns.

Southerners even. :slight_smile:

I would assume that you lack the critical thinking skills to realize that the NRA’s “defense of the second amendment” is only incidentally about individual rights and much more about the desires of gun manufacturers to continue to get rich manufacturing products which are soley intended to make it easier to kill people. The NRA is puppet lobby of the gun industry. Nothing more.

Dude, that’s so deep and critically thought.

Mr. Athena used to drive a VW camper van - pretty much the epitome of a “hippy van” type of thing. He also joined the NRA. I almost bust my gutt laughing the first time he drove up in his hippy van with the NRA sticker in the back window.