Anyone have a non-traditional wedding registry?

I bought a wedding present for a cousin off her registry, and started wondering if wedding registries are outdated. Not only are many of the standard items (think silverware) not used much anymore, but most couples either live together or have their own well decorated places. So has anyone out there a more modern take on the wedding registry? Or maybe even have something besides the wedding registry?

My husband and I were merging two full-fledged households. We simply didn’t have a registry. Some people gave us cash, some took it as a free party (which we intended).

Less tasteful acquaintances of ours who were also merging two households made a registry full of high-end replacements for the stuff they already had.

Travel agents here allow people to set up an account which allows guests to donate money towards a honeymoon; I’m pretty sure large hardware stores also do that, which the couple can use towards a home renovation.

Yeah, the missus and I did the same for our wedding. Last thing I need is more crap in the house.

Honeymoon registries seem to the thing nowadays.

You can also register for your mortgage. We registered for some house stuff, some “better replacement” kitchen stuff, sheets and towels (you can always use more sheets and towels), china, and now we’re working on putting some stuff on an Amazon registry like a nice camera, camping stuff, etc. I’ve heard of a lot of people registering at Lowes or Home Depot, which makes sense for some households.

:: crosses installLSC off guest list for any future dinner parties ::

We had a more or less traditional registry, though a few of our guests were surprised that, in addition to The Bay, we registered at Canadian Tire. We got all our camping gear that way (up until then, we’d simply borrowed off people). A drill, a few other random tools we were missing, some household stuff. I love that store.

We did a wedding food drive for the food bank.

My husband and I had no registry. We find them to be a tacky gift grab. Cameras and camping stuff? No way.

I paid for all of my attendants stuff too. It only seemed fair at the time. Now, after the “honor” of being a bridesmaid and shelling out $500 or so on my cousins wedding, I see making people pay for their own stuff criminal.

My husband and I wanted to have a party with the people we loved. No gifts required.

We do list charities much more prominently than our registries on the (oh god I’m going to say it again) wedsite.

That’s awesome! I love love love that idea!

There are many great options for new non-traditional wedding registries!

There are a bunch of cash wedding registries that are popping up all over the internet! My friend recently got married and she used a service named Wedding Republic. It’s a cash wedding registry, but you create a wish list and let guests get you or contribute towards the things you have on your registry.

So if you want help toward your down payment, you can register for $1000 towards it, but break it into 10 pieces so your guests can choose to contribute $100 by choosing one piece, or more by choosing a few!

It was a lot of fun to check out, the site even suggests if you wanted a honeymoon registry to show off your itinerary with photos and descriptions of what your contributing towards!

Well, sure, if you want to be all awesome about it.

I’ve never had a wedding, but I was jealous of all the great gifts my sister got for hers. She registered for grown up stuff that is not my taste though. Like she spent a ton of time finding the perfect solid white dishes with a subtle scalloped edge that, I’ll have to take her word for it, was just the best scalloped edge pattern a plate could have.

On the other hand, I think it’s weird when people register for things like video game systems, which I have heard of.

We had a traditional wedding registry, but also a ‘fun’ registry at REI for all kinds of camping and outdoor gear as well. A number of people chose to buy things off that registry. I’m not sure if that counts…

I’m 99% sure I’m not going to set one up. The primary reason being that I am getting married in India and I feel like all my and my parents’ friends would see it as a gift grab of sorts, given that they will most likely not attend the wedding.