Anyone here ever met Jarvis Cocker of Pulp or Bernard from New Order or are any of you fans?

Would love to hear any stories. And what’s everyone’s favorite by each band?

The closest I’ve come is meeting Ian McCulloch after a show. Surprisingly nice and patient guy, given his reputation and the fact that I was acting like a drunken fanboy.

Big fan of New Order

Everyone knows that relatives earn double points when discussing brushes with fame.

I met Jarvis Cocker’s dad - Mack Cocker, a lovely bloke, who was a broadcaster and radio DJ on 2JJ in Sydney. A big advocate for reggae, punk, alternative music and experimental radio in the late 70s - early 80s. He introduced many to Captain Beefheart, pere Ubu, Brian Eno and Sly and Robbie. I gather he was estranged from Jarvis and his mum, and JC would have been maybe 5 years old and on the other side of the planet at the time.

Never met any one but I really still love New Order. Temptation is my favorite but I never get tired of any of them except maybe Love Vigilantes which is too sad. I have not heard much of Pulp but I do love their Mile End song that’s on the Trainspotting soundtrack.

Nice. Thank you for the replies.

Did you guys know new order had a new album out recently and Jarvis just premiered some new songs on a recent mini tour?

I haven’t met Jarvis Cocker, but he did call me a “cow” from the stage.

It was his first solo tour. There was a bit of banter to-and-fro with the audience, and at one point he mentioned he had what we over here call a “cold sore” - I believe that might be a fever blister the other side of the Atlantic?

I helpfully heckled “that’s herpes you know”. I was very near the front. He stopped dead, looked at me and repeated “That’s Herpes you know” before adding “thanks very much, cow”.

I was chuffed to bits.


sassy sarcastic stage Jarvis antics are pure comedy lol

He’s got a cold sore and makes jokes about it here, too. Lol
They’re a fun group and funny as hell.



Heh, an Echo show is the fanboiest I’ve ever seen anyone get. One of the fans next to me in the audience had some swag he wanted him to sign and he kept yelling “MR IAN! MR IAN!” as he held it up.

Did anyone go see his California concerts last month?