NEW New Order!!!!

I just got the brand-spankin’ new New Order CD today. Actually paid for it and everything. I’ve always been a longtime fan of the band and so far, I’m thinking this CD rocks.

Any takers?

Who hates it? Why?

If you haven’t heard it yet, it sounds a lot like Technique, much use of guitars and other actual instruments. Very layered, as always between the electronica and the guitars and such.

Let’s hear the critique my friends!

Had a listen at the record store the other day. What is up with letting Billy Corgan and Bobby Gillespie on it? Yuck. Since when did a New Order album feature anyone except New Order?

Anyway, track one sounded nice, and the rest sounded awful. How’s that for a first impression? I love every one of their other albums.

I’ll probably buy it eventually and burn myself a copy sans the two tracks containing guests. Should grow on me.


I read that Gillian Gilbert was not on it for “family obligations” or something like that. What happened?

I know she wasn’t touring cos she was taking care of her and Stephen’s child; I didn’t know she wasn’t on the album at all. I’ve only heard snippets of Get Ready; if it sounds like Technique I’ll be very happy–Republic was a bit of a disappointment.

(Hell, I’m just happy New Order’s together again.)

Ok…i haven’t gotten it yet, but i LOVED Technique, and unlike a lot of other fans, i also enjoyed Republic. So, how does it compare to Republic and or Technique?

Wait, maybe what I read only applied to the touring as well. I dunno.

I’m pretty sure she was with New Order at Moby’s Area:One festival. I seem to remember her being introduced when Moby brought them out for New Dawn Fades. My memory is a bit hazy though, so I could be wrong.

They did “New Dawn Fades” with Moby??? wow… i need to find me some of that. any online sightings of it?
as far as the OP, haven’t heard it, but the idea is exciting to me too, though I actually liked republic MORE than technique, not saying much, as I didn’t really like either of them all that much. I think I’ll pci kit up tomorrow and report back with a verdict.
thanks for the reminder
Bad Hat

Wow indeed. He brought them out during his set (which rocked)…going on about what a dream come true it was for him to be playing a Joy Division song with the guys who did the original. Billy Corgan was there too (he was playing with NO on the tour). It was way cool.

Apparently he’s a big JD/NO fan (which is why they were on the tour).

Not that I’ve seen. Would be cool to have.

I like Get Ready a lot.

I love the new single, Crystal, though I’m not overly familiar with their work- beyond Blue Monday, that is.